Re: Get the Institutional Repository Managers Out of the Decision Loop

From: Leslie Carr <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 16:25:49 +0100

      Peter Murray-Rust [PM-R] replied:

            "Stevan Harnad... has been consistent in arguing
            the logic [of what comes with the OA
            territory]... and I agree with the logic...
            [but]... several repository managers at the JISC
            meeting [said] I could not have permission to do
            [such things] with their current content. I asked
            'can my robots download and mine the content in
            your current open access repository of theses?' -
            No. 'Can you let me have some chemistry theses
            from your open access collection so I can
            data-mine them?' - No - you will have to ask the
            permission of each author individually.

The OpenDOAR repository policies tool tends to act towards
over-cautiousness in the policies that they suggest for data and document
The current policies that they produce have options to explicitly allow
services  that do full text indexing and citation analysis, BUT THAT IS
By enumerating the potential allowable services they are effectively
stifling innovation and research, and that is a BAD thing. The last thing
that OA advocates ought to do is build up ANOTHER rights-withholding

I do hope that this a a short-sighted transition phenomenon, but it
should certainly be addressed now (and strongly).
Les Carr
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