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Grading and Career Development – Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is the tool the University uses for determining the 'size' of a job.  It allows us to compare different jobs, which in turn enables us to determine where jobs should be placed in our grading structure and helps us ensure we offer equal pay for work of equal value across the whole of the University.

Job evaluation introduces greater transparency and fairness into the way jobs are graded (including having a single source of evaluation), and enables us to compare ourselves with the external job market, where appropriate.

At the University of Southampton we use the Hay system of job evaluation.

Job Evaluation Panels

The job evaluation panel (JEP) will evaluate roles from Level 1 to Level 6 within the University’s pay structure. For roles at Level 7, the Hay defined grades will be used to accurately benchmark the different job sizes against similar roles in the external market.

The purpose of the job evaluation panel is to provide independent evaluation of a job roles, based on the information provided in the job description.

Job roles are evaluated according to the University’s approved Hay system of job evaluation and assigned a level within the University’s . The level is assigned to the role and not to an individual.

Additionally, the job role is assigned to an appropriate Job Family/Career Pathway.

Job evaluation panels will assess job descriptions for new roles prior to recruitment and, occasionally panels may be asked to re-evaluate a job description that has already been evaluated.

The University’s job evaluation panels are run by Human Resources with invitations to participate offered to the University’s three recognised trades unions. All participating members of the panel have been formally trained in the Hay system of job evaluation.

There is no formal right of appeal to the outcome of the Job Evaluation Panel’s decision. Submitting line managers may choose to re-submit a job description having made suitable amendments to the job content or person specification.

Please contact your HR Business Partner to discuss job descriptions before submission to be evaluated by the Panel.

Guidance on submitting a job description to the Job Evaluation Panel

All new job descriptions must be signed-off by senior school/department managers before submission to the Job Evaluation Panel and supported by a business case. This ensures that new roles are properly aligned to wider and longer term strategy in the Faculty/Service. The business case, which forms part of the Exceptional Recruitment Panel process must address:

The role of the UEB level member of faculty management teams and HR Business Partners in this process is to ensure sight of the new role and consistency with University wide practice and Faculty level strategic workforce planning.

Please contact your HR Business Partner in the first instance to discuss job descriptions before submission to the Panel.

Once evaluated and assigned a grade, each job description will be given a unique reference number. This can then be used to identify and track when job descriptions have been evaluated.

Additionally, each ‘approved’ job description will be assigned the following version control:

Job Description Author:  Name - Job Title    
Evaluated By: The Job Evaluation Panel Date evaluated: DD/MM/YYYY 
Career Pathway: ERE/MSA/TAE/CAO     
Unique Reference Number: Provided by Job Evaluation Panel    
Amended: Y/N? Date amended: DD/MM/YYYY
Amendment Author: Name - Job Title    
Re-evaluated: Y/N? Date re-evaluated:  DD/MM/YYYY 

Job Evaluation Panel timelines

Hay system

Click here for information on the Hay system of job evaluation.

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