Soton Astrodome: Explore the Astrophysics of the Universe

FREE Planetarium shows for local schools.

Check our availability for this academic year by clicking HERE !

Since June 2011 the Soton Astrodome #OurGreatestTeam have done shows at over 350 local schools free of charge.

Our astronomy outreach program has engaged with over 70,000 people since establishment!

Our aim is inspire children and adults (of all ages) to be inspired by and/or study/take an interest in Physics and Astronomy.

Each academic term we offer schools in the local area (within an hours drive of the University) the chance to receive a mobile planetarium visit for FREE !

We must reach at least 70 students in one visit, from a minimum of 3 x 40 minute shows. Ideally we would like to see at least 130 students in one day, from 5 shows assuming 26 students in each show!

Our absolute limit for a day is 6 x 50 minute shows!

Even for primary schools we insist on at least 40 minute slots- because the primary students have so many questions :)

Please note we do not do shows for Reception and Year 1 classes.