SOTON ASTRODOME: explore the astrophysics of the universe


For the 2018/2019 academic year we are working more strategically, so only doing 10 astrodome visits with a follow up astronomy workshop a few weeks later.

Our focus is now year 8/9 students in local 'widening participation' schools. And we are also planning on doing Astrodome events/workshops on a more long term basis with community groups such as local Youth Clubs for 8-19 year olds.


Our aim is to provide local scientist role models for young people in the community and to promote the Astrophysics research of the University of Southampton.

EST JUNE 2011:

Since the birth of Soton Astrodome, the team of PhDs and Undergrad astronomers AKA #OurGreatestTeam have done astrodome shows at over 500 schools free of charge. Our astronomy outreach and public engagement program has engaged with over 90,000 people.