SOTON ASTRODOME: Explore the Astrophysics of our Universe

EST JUNE 2011:

Since the birth of Soton Astrodome, the team of PhDs and Undergrad astronomers AKA #OurGreatestTeam have done astrodome shows at over 500 schools free of charge. Our astronomy outreach and public engagement program has engaged with over 90,000 people.


To encourage and enable Year 8 Students to contribute to cutting edge research into the aurora.


For KS3 Science students to: have their understanding of the earth’s position in the solar system and our galaxy reinforced; to be able to explain the difference between a star and planet; define the aurora; understand how the aurora is produced; classify different auroral shapes in terms of morphology and dynamism; understand why research into the aurora and space weather is important and to be inspired to observe the night sky with their curiosity in space stimulated; have a more positive attitude toward science and scientists making them more likely see themselves as scientists and to want to study science further and consider a career in science.


For the 2022/2023 academic year we have a strategic program of workshops that involve repeat interventions with schools.

The first is 'Learning about the Aurora' which is 4 lessons for Year 8s and the second is the 'Black Hole' program which is 2 lessons for Year 5s studying Space. The Astrodome will be one of these lessons.

Therefore, going forward the Astrodome team will ONLY be delivering shows to 8 local schools and their year 8 and year 5 students.

Year 8 program We are delivering a themed program which includes an astrodome visit first, and then an follow up workshop on the Aurora Zoo

Then the same year 8 students experiencing a SEPnet workshop called Connect Physics

In the final part of the program the year 8 students who make scientific posters about the aurora research will recieve a Discovery Level CREST STEM Award

I am sorry, but, as our focus is now year 8 students in local 'Widening Participation' schools. This means we will NOT be able to offer ANY free visits to other schools this year.

If you are a local school with a year 8 cohort that might be interested in signing up for this program, or at least 2 parts of it, then please do email Sadie for more information. Lessons plans for each part of the program are available.

If you are a primary school that wants a mobile planetarium or if you think that your school does not fit with our new remit then please note that there are several other mobile planetarium across the South of England that offer school visits, please go onto the website, linked below, and type in your school postcode to find local planetaria