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Room 3005,
Physics and Astronomy/Building 46,
University of Southampton,
SO17 1BJ

Physics & Astronomy Outreach & Public Engagement Office Phone:

02380 592 159

If I do not answer your phone call please email me as I am out of the office a lot!
I will always aim to reply to your emails asap.
Please do email me more than once if I do not reply as I recieve many (>50) emails on a daily basis.


Talks & Workshops available in the local area


For speakers provided by the Physics and Astronony department click HERE.

The University of Southampton also have a central outreach Team which offer many workshops and Talks for schools for all areas of Science, Engineering, Humanities etc etc.

The full list of events the university offers schools can be found on the website below:

UoS Outreach Talks/Workshops.


For school workshops and mobile planetarium in your area try the general online directory.

Find School workshops in your area in the online directory.

SEPnet Outreach and Public Engagement


For the full list of SEPnet outreach offerings see the links and PDF booklet below:

SEPnet Website

SEPnet Outreach Booklet PDF

Dr Sadie Jones

Outreach Leader in Astronomy

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Email: sadie.jones(at)

Twitter @SotonAstrodome

Funded by:
Click the images below for more information on the people/charities/networks who fund the Soton Astrodome.

Without their contributions we would not be able to offer the astrodome school visits and campus events free of charge.

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Other SEPnet Universities with Mobile Planetarium

Unfortunately the Soton Astrodome team cannot come to schools which are not within a 1 hour travel limit of the University of Southampton (I use google maps to work this out).

However, the South East Physics Network (SEPnet) has 3 other mobile planetariums which offer shows FREE of charge to schools in the South East. These domes will travel within a 1 hour limit of their respective university bases.

For further information contact the SEPnet Outreach Officers at these Universities:

The University of Kent

Dr Vicky Fitzgerald


The University of Sussex

Dr Darren Baskill


The University of Portsmouth

Dr Jen Gupta


Also note that there are several other mobile planetarium buisnesses that serve the whole of the UK and offer school visits, please go onto the website, linked below, and type in your school postcode to find the planetaria that serve your area:


BAP website