picThis is the main piece of software which we use in the dome to visualise the sky above Southampton. Download Stellarium for FREE for your own computer (there is also an app for smartphones!) Then plan your own observation of the planets and galaxies you can see today.

Stellarium Website.

Moon Phases Activity - Primary

pic Moon Phases- Lesson Plan

Moon Phases Activity for Students

Till Roll Solar System Scale Activity - Primary


Solar System in Your Pocket- Lesson Plan

Hubbles Law - A-level


Hubble Constant Lab (AS/A-level)-

Each A-level student is given a worksheet to calculate the distances and recessional velocities of various galaxies in order to find the Hubble Constant.

The workshop takes about an hour. The school is expected to provide the rulers and calculators for the students.

For the pdf of the worksheet click here. Please feel free to download it for your own use.

Other online resources...

Soton Astrodome - Astronomy Outreach Blog this gets updated reguarly by us, and details the scripts for our planetarium shows and evaluation of events/dome visits.

Click the link to see Winchester Science Centres learning resources.

Some great resources are available from the Royal Observatory Greenwich. These can be found at Schools Resources.

If like us you are really excited by Black Holes and want to learn more about them-a good place to start is downloading this free pdf leaflet from the IOP by clicking HERE. It explains all about the different types of black holes and what would happen to you if you were to fall down one !!

Some great Astronomy sites for both students and teachers can be found here.

The script for our GCSE life cycle of the stars show

Life Cycle of Stars

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