Thank You Letters, Articles, Reports & Quotes

Below are Thank You letters, reports, e-mails, quotes and questions which we have recieved from both teachers and students since our school visits started in Sept 2011.

  • A collection of emails from students at a local primary school
  • An excellent report on the astrodome visit written by a Year 7 student
  • Letter from North Waltham Primary
  • Student's Quotes & Comments

    "That was the best thing that's ever happened in this school"

    - Year 7 Student, Quilley School of Engineering

    "That's the coolest thing I have ever seen!"

    -GCSE Student, Secondary School

    "I didn't know that's what astronomers did and it's really cool"

    "Can we go up into space? It looks amazing"

    "Why can't we have a dome?"

    "Miss I was on the bus stop with X and we could see the frying pan and that bright star" (comments from Teacher- this was said with much excitement and to put into context the students had not thought to look up into the night sky had it not been for the show)


    Graffitti board evaluation following a Stargazing Event in the City Art Gallery, January 2012.

    Teacher Feedback

    " Thank you ! The Astrodome was a great hit and you did a fantastic job inspiring the pupils. "

    - Jeremy, Head of Science at Portsmouth Grammar School

    "Thanks so much for last week. It was brilliant and went down so well."

    -Maddie, Community Partnership Co-ordinator at Secondary School

    "Thank you to you and your team for a wonderful show yesterday. The children were very excited about your visit and we very much appreciated it."

    -Sally, Science Teacher

    "Thank you so much for visiting. I can't thank you enough all the staff and most of the students involved have said how wonderful it was. I hope we have another visit! "

    - Helen, Science Teacher

    "Thank you very much for today. My daughter is in Year 2 and is full of what she did with you."

    - Louise, Primary Teacher

    "When you have another chunk of funding please let me know as I'd like to book it for next year as well. Both classes absolutely loved it!"

    - Lili, Secondary School Science Teacher

    "Thank you very much for today. The children (and adults) are absolutely buzzing. I hope you get the funding to continue this worthwhile activity. It is not very often that I hear so many positive comments from adults and children alike. The adults said that your interaction with the children was excellent. So once again thank you."

    -Jeff, Headteacher of a Primary School

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