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Dr Alison Gascoigne 

Associate Professor, Director of Programmes

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Dr Alison Gascoigne is an Associate Professor in Medieval Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

I am an Islamic Archaeology specialist, focusing primarily on the earlier medieval Middle East and Central Asia. In particular, I am interested in processes of cultural change in the conversion period of early Islam and beyond, and how such changes manifest themselves in material terms. To date, my archaeological investigations have targeted provincial urban sites, where I examine cultural change at the large scale (urban form), as well as the small scale (the household/domestic assemblage, with particular interest in ceramics). I direct field projects in Egypt, and have also worked in Afghanistan. 





I am involved in multiple research and fieldwork projects, which are connected by my interest in the material expression of cultural change. These include large-scale archaeological surveys, in addition to ceramic studies. In addition to my primary current research project at Tell Tinnis (see below), I have been involved with the survey of Hisn al-Bab, Egypt; the survey of Ansina in Middle Egypt; and the Minaret of Jam Archaeological Project (I have also contributed to various projects as archaeological ceramicist: the Old Cairo Groundwater Lowering Project; the Schweizerisches Institut für Ägyptische Bauforschung und Altertumskunde in Kairo excavations in Aswan; and the North Kharga Oasis Survey.

Minaret of Jam Archaeological Adult Project Booklet
Minaret of Jam
Minaret of Jam Archaeological Student Project Booklet
Minaret of Jam

Research group(s)

Maritime Archaeology

Affiliate research group(s)

Southampton Ceramics Research Group

Research project(s)

The survey of Tell Tinnis, Manzala, Egypt

The once great city of Tinnis without doubt played a key role in the economic development of early Islamic Egypt. At the height of its prosperity the town housed a population of considerable size and variable wealth, with merchants and traders coming and going from its harbours to points east and west around the Mediterranean and further afield.



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I am programme coordinator for BA Archaeology and History, and MA Ceramic and Lithic Analysis for Archaeologists.

PhD Supervision

I would be happy to hear from students regarding the supervision of PhD projects on any aspect of the archaeology of the medieval Middle East and/or medieval ceramics.

I currently supervise and advise PhDs on the following topics:

  • Urban cohesion and integration in medieval al-Fustat : 3D visualisation and analysis
  • Creativity in clay: an exploration of Bronze Age creative process and material consequence
  • Lived experience at Bodiam, Scotney and Ightham in the later Middle Ages
  • Ottoman cemeteries in Hungary and Serbia
Dr Alison Gascoigne
Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton
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United Kingdom

Room Number:65A/3029

Telephone:(023) 8059 9636

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