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The University of Southampton

Global partnerships and initiatives

The University of Southampton is a partner of choice for many global leading higher education, industry, government and funding institutions. Through our partners our students and staff have global reach and impact influencing opinion formers and policy makers, carrying out innovative and world leading research, gaining valuable international experience and accessing sustainable sources of funding.

The University of Southampton's international partnerships are guided by our International Strategy .

We seek to partner with like-minded institutions who are supportive of diversity, inclusion and exploration. Our approach is drawn from our history as a port city, being a major gateway for the United Kingdom into the world and for the world into the United Kingdom – as a truly comprehensive university connecting across the oceans in art & culture and science & engineering.​​​​​​​

Study Abroad and Exchange

Study Abroad and Exchange

Southampton strongly supports ensuring our students have an international experience. We understand the value international students bring to our campus and are proud of our multicultural student community.

International Relations

International Relations

International Relations provides support in setting up international educational agreements across the university including general Memorandums of Understanding, Study Abroad, Exchange and Admissions agreements.

Research Connections

Research Connections

As a research-intensive university we have collaborated with nearly 7000 institutions since 2010 producing over 38,000 co-publications.

Our international strategic partnerships

Worldwide Universities Network

We are a founder member of WUN, a leading global higher education and research network made up of 23 universities, spanning 15 countries on six continents. Together we drive international research collaboration and address issues of global significance.

Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)

Discover more about some of our partnerships and the positive impacts they are having on teaching, research, funding and graduate employability.

We are now looking forward to future collaborations with new partners, striving to provide new opportunities for all our students.

University of Auckland

University of Auckland (UOA)

There are various active faculty-wide academic collaborations and exchanges of visiting staff and students and an active university-wide exchange agreement with UOA.

University of Hamburg

University of Hamburg (UHH)

We have a long-standing co-funded Staff Exchange Programme and a healthy exchange of students with the University of Hamburg every year.

OP Jindal University

OP Jindal University (JGU)

Founded in 2009 and ranking in the top 60 universities in India, JGU is a partner university with ongoing Progression and Study Abroad agreements in Social Science.

University of Tripoli

University of Tripoli (UOT)

The University of Tripoli has been among our priority partners for some time and is the largest research led university in Libya.

Xiamen University

Xiamen University (XMU)

As one of the top universities in China, Xiamen University has been one of Southampton’s most strategically important international partners.

Being a world-class university means attracting the highest quality students, academics and collaborative partners. Increasingly that’s measured internationally rather than just within one’s home country.

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