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Customise your degree

Most of our degrees are made up of 8 modules each year. There’s usually a combination of compulsory and optional modules. Many of our degrees allow you to study from another subject as part of your optional modules.

You can choose to take just 1 module in another subject. You can also tailor your degree by:

Interdisciplinary modules

You can swap 1 of your optional modules for a module outside your main area of study.

If you take an interdisciplinary module, it will be shown on your degree transcript and count towards your final grade.

Which modules are available

The interdisciplinary modules available are:

You could also choose an optional language module.

It’s not possible to take interdisciplinary modules as part of every degree. Find out if your course can include interdisciplinary modules in the course listings.

Why take an interdisciplinary module

Taking an interdisciplinary module will give you a greater breadth of knowledge and understanding of the world. You’ll learn alongside students with different perspectives to your own and develop transferable skills for your future.

How to select an interdisciplinary module

You’ll be able to select interdisciplinary modules when you make your other module choices for the year, if your course is eligible. Places on these modules are limited.

Minor subjects

You can choose to take a minor subject alongside your main area of study. To take a minor, you’ll select all your optional modules in each year of study from a different subject.

Your minor subject will appear on your degree certificate. For example, ‘BA (Hons) History with a Minor in Sociology’.

You do not need to have any experience in your minor subject in order to study it.

It’s not possible to take a minor with every degree. Minors begin in the first semester of your second year.

Degrees you can take a minor subject with


Language minor subjects

The language minor subjects available are:

You can study your chosen language at the appropriate stage for your ability.

Non-language minor subjects

The non-language minor subjects available are:

How to select a minor subject

You do not need to tell us you want to study a minor when you apply for your main degree. We’ll tell you about the minors available to you once you’ve started your studies.

If you change your mind

You can choose not to continue with your minor subject if you change your mind. Your degree certificate will only include the name of your minor subject if you take the final minor module in your last semester.

Further information

Email to find out more. Your personal academic tutor will also be able to give you advice.

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