Hartley Library Extension

Exterior view of Hartley Library extensionThe Hartley Library is the largest library of seven within a University Library system which holds more than 1.5 million books and periodicals, some 6,000 in electronic form, besides specialist materials, including more than 6 million manuscripts. The project for expansion and refurbishment was started in July 2002 and completed by autumn 2004, with a budget of £10 million. This created 3200m² of newly-built accommodation and refurbished a further 4000m². Exterior view of Hartley Library extensionAccommodation provided included space for new archive facilities, and a public exhibition gallery for the University's Special Collections, funded by the Heritage Lottery, to provide the highest quality environmental and secure accommodation for collections of national importance, including the Wellington and Mountbatten archives.

It also enabled a major investment in the intellectual infrastructure of the University - creating a prestigious facility that will have a major impact on the University's teaching and learning, and research. The Library is unusual among higher education libraries, for the breadth of its work, from the wide range of support for the University's undergraduates to the provision of research facilities and collections of international significance. All these have featured in the project.