Students' Union Building

Students' Union night timeThe original Students' Union was constructed in the mid 1960s to the design of Sir Basil Spence. By 1999 it had become clear that the Union building no longer catered adequately for the increasing number of students, and for the changes in cultural and social needs of students. Since a new building was not viable, the University decided to embark on a complete refurbishment project including extending the Union building. Interior sky lights of Students' Union

Early discussion with the University's students highlighted the need for a new, attractive and safe facility in which to hold events in order that they could compete with other venues in the city. Additional bar space, a new servery, upgrading of the refectory, and an uplift in the general look and appeal of the building, were also other requirements.

The project involved the complete replacement of plant and electrical equipment; interior space was opened up to maximise the amount of natural light reaching the interior of the building and to bring the design up to a standard more fitting for 21st century use.

The building houses the largest night club in Southampton, as well as the University's central catering area, the Piazza, and a Lattes coffee shop.