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Our undergraduate degrees are based on the four main research areas of Applied Mathematics, Operational Research, Pure Mathematics and Statistics.

All courses have a common core in year one and then allow a greater choice in subsequent years, allowing you to broaden your experience and interest within any or all of the four research areas.

You will have an opportunity to construct an individual programme of study suited to your interests within a coherent framework of modules.

There are three possible degree structures available: MMath, BSc Single Honours and BSc Combined Honours and the 17 individual degree programmes can be grouped as follows.  We also have two foundation courses available for those who would like further preparation before embarking on a maths degree.

FF34 MMath Mathematical Physics (4 years)

G120 BSc Mathematical Studies (3 years)

G100 BSc Mathematics (3 years)

G103 MMath Mathematics (4 years)

G1N3 BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science (3 years)

G1C1 BSc Mathematics with Biology (3 years)

G1G4 BSc Mathematics with Computer Science (3 years)

G1NH BSc Mathematics with Finance (3 years)

G1R1 BSc Mathematics with French (4 years)

G1R2 BSc Mathematics with German (4 years)

G1W3 BSc Mathematics with Music (3 years)

G1R4 BSc Mathematics with Spanish (4 years)

G1G3 BSc Mathematics with Statistics (3 years)

GL11 MMORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) (4 years)

GL12 BSc MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) (3 years)

VG51 BA Philosophy and Mathematics (3 years) 1

Engineering/Physics/Maths/Geophysics Foundation Year

1 This programme is administered by Humanities

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