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Dr Athina Vlachantoni BA, MSc, PhD, PCAP

Associate Professor in Gerontology, Head of Teaching Programmes

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Dr Athina Vlachantoni is Associate Professor in Gerontology within Social Sciences: Ageing/Gerontology at the University of Southampton.

My research interests broadly combine the areas of ageing, gender and social policy.

I joined the Centre for Research on Ageing in 2008 as a lecturer in gerontology, following a year as lecturer in social policy in the Division of Sociology & Social Policy of the University of Southampton. Before that, I completed a PhD in social policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science, an MSc Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford (Wolfson College) and a BA Social Policy and Politics at Royal Holloway, University of London. Between 2002 and 2004, I worked as a research officer at the Oxford Institute of Ageing at the University of Oxford. Between 2003 and 2004 I was a college tutor in politics at New College, Oxford, and between 2004 and 2007 I worked as an occasional research assistant and as a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Social Policy of the LSE. I am a member of the Social Policy Association and the British Society of Gerontology. I am also a member of the ESRC Peer Review College, and an Associate Editor of Ageing & Society.






Research interests

ESRC Secondary Data Initiative: As part of a team which includes Dr Zhixin Frank Feng, Prof. Falkingham and Prof. Evandrou, I am involved in a project which uses data from the Labour Force Survey and Understanding Society, in order to examine the pension protection of current and future cohorts of pensioners from minority ethnic groups in Britain. Preliminary results were presented at an event organised by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation/ Essex University.

ESRC/DFID ESRA project: This project, which also involved Prof. Evandrou and Prof. Falkingham, is funded through the ESRC/DFID/ESRA initiative, was aimed at identifying the substantive and methodological lessons of research in the area of poverty alleviation and social pensions, and the gaps where research could contribute in the future.

ANR/DFG/ESRC/NWO with ICSSR: As part of an internationally collaborative project funded by the ESRC with colleagues in the Netherlands and India, which in the UK is led by Prof. Maria Evandrou, I am exploring a range of wellbeing indicators for older persons in the context of a globalizing world using nationally representative datasets. For more information visit Age-Globe Network page.

EPSRC The Care Life Cycle: I was part of a research team led by Prof. Falkingham, and including colleagues from Demography, Operational Research and Complexity Science, which aimed to develop a suite of models reflecting the supply and demand for health and social care in the UK. As part of Workstream A of this project, I worked within a number of sub-projects producing empirical evidence for the supply of, and demand for, social care, for example the determinants of transitioning into types of long-term care, the determinants of receiving social care, the socio-economic determinants of the disablement process, and the investigation of unmet need for social care. Visit the CLC website for more details.

ESRC Centre for Population Change: I am involved, with colleagues from Gerontology and Demography, in the second phase of the ESRC CPC, focusing on a) Increasing longevity and the changing life course, and b) Understanding intergenerational relations & exchange. For more information, please visit the CPC website.

ESRC Pathfinders project: I was involved, with colleagues from Southampton, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the University of Witwatersrand/Agincourt DSS and the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, in a project exploring the impact of internal labour migration on intergenerational support and wellbeing of children and older people in China and South Africa. For more information visit ageingcentre website.

ESRC Quantitative Methods project: I was involved, with colleagues from Demography/ Social Statistics and Sociology/ Social Policy in a project entitled ‘Researcher Development Initiative: Quantitative Methods’, which was part of a large ESRC initiative aiming at capacity building in quantitative research methods for social scientists in the UK.

PhD Students

Nesta Caiger (ESRC DRC Scholar, co-supervised with Prof. Maria Evandrou)

Topic: ‘Living longer, working longer: implications for health, well-being and policy'

Yekai Chen (co-supervised with Prof. Maria Evandrou)

Topic: ‘Meeting social care needs and its impact on well-being of older people ‘left-behind' in rural China'

Sara Johnson (co-supervised with Dr Rosalind Willis)

Topic: Battle Ready: Individual cognitive stimulation therapy for dementia – what are informal carer’s views and experiences?

Caroline Olcott (co-supervised with Dr Elisabeth Schroeder-Butterfill and Dr Gloria Langat)

Topic: Explaining participation levels amongst older Japanese workers: Positive Gerontology or polictical economy?

Greg Payne (co-supervised with Prof. Jane Falkingham)

Topic: Investigating the Change in the State Pension Age: Which groups are most affected and how?

Hanim Pazim (co-supervised with Prof. Maria Evandrou)

Topic: The role of intergenerational transfers towards the labor force participation among elderly in Malaysia

Jinpil Um (ESRC DTC Scholar, co-supervised with Prof. Asghar Zaidi)

Topic: 'A comparative study of the income mobility of older people in England and South Korea: an investigation into the trends and causes of the income risks within retirement'

Alison Wadey (ESRC DTC Scholar, co-supervised with Prof. Maria Evandrou)

Topic: ‘The ageing health and social care workforce: characteristics and policy implications'

Kathryn Wicks (EPSRC Scholar, co-supervised with Prof. Maria Evandrou)

Topic: ‘The negotiating of social care support for older people: a study of the perspectives of older people, their families and policy stakeholders'

Sarah Wo (ESRC DTC Scholar, co-supervised with Prof. Jane Falkingham)

Topic: 'Unravelling the impact of divorce on pension outcomes: comparing cohorts of women'

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GERO6013 Methods for researching ageing societies (DL) (Co-convenor with Qian Xiong)

GERO6021 Ageing, diversity and rights (DL) (Co-convenor with Kathryn Wicks)

GERO6022 Poverty and social protection around the world (DL) (Convenor)

GERO6027 Ageing in China and South-east Asia (DL) (Co-convenor with Qian Xiong)

Dr Athina Vlachantoni
Centre for Research on Ageing Social Sciences University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

Room Number: 58/4095

Telephone: (023) 8059 8940
Facsimile: (023) 8059 8649

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