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I joined Archaeology at Southampton in early 2011.  I previously held positions at the University of Newcastle (1995-97: as a Sir James Knott Research Fellow), the University of Wales College, Newport (1998; as Lecturer) and the University of Bristol (2003-2011: as Lecturer, later Reader). Following the completion of my PhD (1994) at the University of Wales, Cardiff, I also spent time working as a Project Officer for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit.

I am currently Secretary of the Prehistoric Society and the UK editor of the Journal of Social Archaeology.

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Book Section

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Research Interests

My research has taken in themes related to monumentality, depositional practices and materiality, cultural perceptions of the environment, and approaches to the study of settlement and routine.  These have been articulated through a focus on British later prehistory, and especially the Neolithic.  Over the last 15 years I have been involved - in collaboration with colleagues in the Universities of Leicester, London, Bournemouth and Manchester - in major fieldwork projects investigating the great monument complexes of Avebury (the AHRC-funded Longstones Project, and the newly formed Between the Monuments Project) and Stonehenge (the AHRC-funded Stonehenge Riverside Project and Stones of Stonehenge Project).

I have also researched and published on other topics, including the archaeology of contact on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and the links between contemporary art and archaeology.

Primary research group:  Southampton Ceramics Research Group

Research projects

Between the Monuments

Between the Monuments seeks to investigate the character of human settlement in the Avebury landscape during the 4th to mid-2nd millennia BC, and its relationship to changing environmental and social conditions, including the demands of monument building.  The context for this work resides in on-going debates surrounding the character of settlement and routine life during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, the Holocene environmental history of the English chalklands, prehistoric human-environment relations in their broadest sense, and connections between landscape inhabitation, memory and monumentality.

Promoting digital solutions to rock and cave art research

This 18 month project (2014-2015), funded by a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant, aims to advance rock art research through the application of state-of-the-art imaging technologies.

Stones of Stonehenge

The Stones of Stonehenge Project is a collaboration between researchers from Southampton and UCL (Mike Parker Pearson - Project PI), the National Museum of Wales (Richard Bevins), the Universities of Leicester (Mark Gillings, Rob Ixer), Manchester (Colin Richards), Bournemouth (Kate Welham), and Sheffield (Roger Doonan), and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust (Duncan Schlee).  It aims to explore the various reasons for bringing stones from Wales and from the Avebury area to Stonehenge; and to identify quarry sources and establish the likely routes along which the stones were brought.

Teaching Responsibilities

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising postgraduate students (MPhil and PhD) researching topics related to: British later prehistory (Neolithic to Iron Age), depositional practices and the formation of the archaeological record, landscape archaeology, and approaches to material culture that bridge archaeology and anthropology.


Dr Joshua Pollard
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