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I specialise in archaeological representation, with a research focus on the construction of knowledge about the past and its reception through visual images, museum displays, exhibitions and art.  I have explored these subjects through detailed investigations of the representation of ancient Egypt in the nineteenth century, the history of archaeological illustration, and the involvement of local communities in the presentation of their heritage. I am the author of Ancestral Images (Cornell University Press), Wondrous Curiosities (Chicago University Press), and Designing Antiquity (Yale University Press), all which seek to outline the two-way knowledge exchange between academic knowledge and visual representations of the past.

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Book Section

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Research Interests

Research projects I have recently brought to completion are 'Archaeology and Egyptomania: art, design and the development of Egyptology in Britain' (funded by the British Academy - Senior Research Fellowship) and the 'Visualisation in Archaeology' Project (funded by English Heritage).  The results of the former are presented in the book Designing Antiquity, where the role of nineteenth century designers in creating new understandings of ancient Egypt is analysed, with a primary focus on the work of Owen Jones (1809-1874), who was responsible for designing a series of pioneering exhibits on the ancient world at the Crystal Palace at Sydenham in 1854.  Results of the 'Visualisation in Archaeology' Project have been written up in a Strategic Report for English Heritage 2012, and published in several articles on the history and nature of imaging practices in archaeology (Moser 2012, in press; Perry 2011).  An overview of the work presented at the three annual workshops and the international conference held as part of this research project are presented on the VIA website.

I am Director of the Visualisation Team now working at the Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk in Turkey, where I am setting up a research program that addresses both the contemporary and historic representation of the site. I am also currently undertaking research on the history of antiquarian illustration in Britain and setting up a major project with Dr Hannah Sackett on public engagement with the past through creative writing and the image.

Research project

British art, archaeology and the discovery of ancient Egypt

This project is investigating how British history and genre painting contributed to the formation of ideas about ancient Egypt. It will analyse the Egyptian-themed works of three leading history painters (Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Edward Poynter and Edwin Long), aiming to establish how their paintings labelled, categorised and defined ancient Egypt as a culture.

Teaching Responsibilities

PhD Supervision

I am to undertake PhD supervision in archaeological visualisation, the representation of archaeology in public sector and the history of archaeology.

Current PhD topics I am supervising or advising on are:

  • Public engagement in Hampshire archaeology;
  • Community archaeology in Hampshire;
  • The use of digital technology in museum exhibition and visitor reception;
  • The potential of artefact replicas in museum display


Professor Stephanie Moser
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