Research Group: Centre for Applied Human Origins Research

Commercial archaeology is a significant part of development today, and human origins investigation is a growing part of commercial archaeology.

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Often (although not always!) deeply buried, remains and evidence of our earliest ancestors are regularly uncovered whenever development impinges upon the Ice Age deposits that survive from this era of early human occupation. Not always easily recognizable or interpretable to the untrained eye, Palaeolithic and Quaternary geological specialists at the University of Southampton provide their expertise to consultants, developers and curators to assist in protection, and where necessary investigation, of these rare and precious remains.  This is followed by widespread dissemination of the results to both the academic world and the wider community.

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Dr Francis Wenban-Smith (Director of CAHOR)


Major infrastructural projects such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link have uncovered numerous remains of our early ancestors in Britain, especially at the Ebbsfleet International Station



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