Centre for Biological Sciences

Guy M Poppy

BSc, DPhil

Primary position:
Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency (UK Govt)
Other positions:
Professor of Ecology, Principal Investigator (Insect/plant interactions)


The University of Southampton
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Career history

2014-present: Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency (UK Govt), UK.
2014-present: Professor of Ecology. University of Southampton, UK.
2012-2014: Director of Multidisciplinary Research. University of Southampton, UK.
2009: Head of Biological Sciences. University of Southampton, UK.
2003: Head of Biodiversity and Ecology Division. University of Southampton, UK.
2001: Senior Lecturer. University of Southampton, UK.
1991: Higher, Senior and Principal Scientific Officer, IACR Rothamsted, UK.

Academic qualifications

1990: DPhil Chemical Ecology. Oxford University, UK.
1987: BSc Biology. Imperial College, UK.

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The University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints)


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Additional publications

Van Dam, N.M. & Poppy, G.M. (2008) Why plant volatile analysis needs bioinformatics – Detecting signal from noise in increasingly complex profiles. Journal of Plant Biology, 10(1), 29-37.

Firbank, L., Lonsdale, M & Poppy, G. (2005) Reassessing the environmental risks of GM crops. Nature Biotechnology 23(12 1475-147

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Foster, S.P. Powell, W., Denholm, I. & Poppy, G.M. (2005) Fitness trade-offs in insecticide resistant aphids. Bull Ent Res 95, 37-46



Research Interests

The overall aim of our research is to understand how insect/plant communities interact and thus determine how biotic and abiotic changes to the system influence the multi-trophic interactions.

We conduct both proximate and adaptive studies on insect/plant interactions. Research in my lab utilses a range of disciplines (behavioural ecology, chemical ecology, molecular genetics) to answer both fundamental and applied questions. By combining the two schools of biology (proximate and adaptive), we can identify the key ecological questions which need answering, and adopt a reductionist approach to deliver the answers. Further details of the work of the group can be found at the following web-site.

We are keen to receive enquiries re collaboration/research projects at all levels (undergraduate through to scientists on sabbatical). Please email your interests/ideas and we will try to establish a way forward.

Primary research group:  Environmental Biosciences

Affiliate research group:  Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS)

Research projects

Multitrophic interactions - inducted plant resistance and plant S.O.S. signalling

The importance of considering interactions from a multitrophic perspective has become increasingly realised in the last decade. The majority of research in this area has been focussed on crop plants, insect pest herbivores and predators/parasitoids.

Environmental impact of transgenic (GM) plants

This is a very exciting area of research which is of great scientific and political importance. It illustrates how adopting both proximate and adaptive approaches to science provides dividends.

ASSETS: Attaining sustainable services from ecosystems

An ecosystem service approach to quantifying the role of freshwater biodiversity in supporting food security - Dormant

Quantifying linkages between livelihoods, freshwater biodiversity, and drivers of food security and other ecosystem services.

Integrated Systems for Farm Diversification into Energy Production by Anaerobic Digestion: Implications for Rural Development, Land Use & Environment

The research examined the potential for development of anaerobic digestion (AD) on farms, and the contribution that this could make to rural development and diversification of agricultural practice by enhanced land use planning for bioenergy production. The research is set in the context of a rapidly developing European agenda aimed at both strengthening the rural economy and protecting the environment.


Professional Affiliations

Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency (UK Govt)


Professor Guy M Poppy
Centre for Biological Sciences Faculty of Natural & Environmental Sciences Life Sciences Building 85 University of Southampton Highfield Campus Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number: 85/6053

Telephone: (023) 8059 3217
Email: G.M.Poppy@soton.ac.uk