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Gail Taylor


Primary position:
Director of Research
Other positions:
Principal Investigator (Plants & Environment), Athena SWAN member


The University of Southampton
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Career history

1999-present: Professor of Plant Biology. University of Southampton, UK.
2007: Visiting Professor of Biology. Imperial College, London, UK. 
1990-1999: Lecturer and Senior Lecturer. University of Sussex, UK.
Chair. Vitacress Conservation Trust, UK.
Editorial Board ‘Biotechnology for Biofuels'.
Editorial Board ‘BMC Plant Biology’.
Editorial Board, 'Biofuels'.
Subject Editor, Global Change Biology Bioenergy.
2009: Research Committee Member, UK Energy Research Centre, UK.

Academic qualifications

1983-1986: PhD ‘Control of leaf growth’, NERC, UK.

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Research Interests

I have a long standing interest in the use of woody plants as sources of renewable energy for heat, power and more recently for liquid biofuels such as bioethanol – the so called ‘second generation’ bioenergy crops. This includes understanding the genetic basis of yield, developing molecular breeding tools such as markers linked to QTL and deploying functional genomic approaches to investigate traits of interest. Most recently this has involved re-sequencing using Illumina of fifty genotype of Populus nigra and association genetics for traits related to saccharification. For a number of years we have been working on large association populations of Populus nigra and a mapping population of Populus for QTL discovery that was recently extended to over 800 F2 individuals. We are also interested in complete life cycle analysis (LCA) for bioenergy chains and in the environmental impact of these largely unexplored crops.

The research of the Plants and Environment Lab is also focussed on understanding how plants interact with their abiotic environment, in particular, in relation to global environmental change and in developing mitigation strategies to combat the detrimental effects of these changes.

The group is particularly interested in the link between genes and environment and long-term adaptation to rising CO2.

A final strand of research in collaboration with industry has developed on the physiology, genomics and genetics of post-harvest baby salad leaf quality, including phytonutrient quality and anti-cancer properties, resulting in the formation of ‘The Vitacress Research Unit' We are working with breeders to develop baby salad leaves with improved quality and longevity. Our most recent project is linking medical, chemical and plant sciences to improve the anti-cancer properties of watercress.

Personal research pages: www.taylorlab.co.uk

Past collaborative projects

2000-2008: Bioenergy from poplar and willow trees
1999-2006: POPFACE (www.unitus.it/euroface)
2004-2008: POPGENICS  

Primary research group:  Environmental Biosciences

Affiliate research group:  Athena SWAN

Research projects

Development of improved perennial non-food biomass and bioproduct crops for water-stressed environments (WATBIO)

Working on three novel non-food crops for bioenergy applications, we are using the latest RNA-Seq and Genome Wide Association Studies to identify genes linked to traits for improved water use efficiency.

Bioenergy value chains: Whole systems analysis and optimisation

Bioenergy is a complex and sometimes controversial subject. This project integrates models of different aspects of the UK bioenergy supply chains across multiple scales. The resulting tool will provide guidance to decision makers about the complex social and environmental impacts of differing bioenergy strategies to aid policy development.

Mapping the supply and demand of bioenergy in Great Britain to 2050

This project explores the potential use of bioenergy crops across GB, looking at feasibility, sustainability implications, and constraints on production opportunities, in relation to current and future demand for energy.


Understanding processes determining soil carbon balances under perennial bioenergy crops.

Adaptive differences in response to flooding in Populus alba and Populus tremula

Utilising Populus to assess the flood tolerance mechanisms in repeated anoxic flooding events.

Mechanism for delayed senescence in Populus in a high CO2 world

Investigating Novel Genes in Poplar for Improved Cell Wall Disassembly

Improving the properties of Poplar as a raw material for bioethanol production.

Harnessing the Genetic Diversity of Watercress (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum) for Improved Morphology and Anti-cancer Benefits: Underpinning Data for Molecular Breeding.

Establish a collection of watercress sourced from around the world and breed watercress that not only has a reduced stem length but is also nutritionally beneficial therefore breed an ‘ideal' watercress cultivar.

Improving the sustainability of water use in baby leaf salad crops

Using quantitative genetics and infra-red imaging to improve the sustainability of water use in baby leaf salad agriculture.

CleanWeb - the Web as an enabler of environmental sustainability

This research is exploring the potential for internet technologies & data to help tackle major environmental challenges such as climate change. 

EuroChar: Development of technologies for long-term carbon sequestration

Investigating Biochar application as a potential solution to climate change - quantifying the carbon sequester capacity  and its effect on plant yield. It has been suggested that biochar could offset up to 12 % of GHG emissions, thus reducing global climate change, but there is limited evidence base on which to make generalisation and EUROCHAR addresses these gaps.

Improving the quality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) using a molecular breeding approach

Developing nutritionally enhanced lettuce with improved shelf life.

Physiology, genetics and genomics of drought adaptation in Populus

Using physiology and genetics to investigate adaptation to drought in two populations of Populus.

Sustainable urban planning decision support for urban planning BRIDGE

Modeling the green spaces in two European cities to determine how vegetation can be managed for optium polution mitigation.


The Evolution of Trees as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity


Traits for poplar for bioenergy applications.

ENERGYPOPLAR: Understanding traits for bioenergy in poplar

Traits for poplar for bioenergy applications

Popyomics - Dormant

Linking physiology, molecular genetics and genomics to understand and manipulate yield and disease resistance in Populus for biomass and timber across Europe

Using Next Generation Sequencing to understand acclimation and adaption of Plantago lanceolata to a changing environment

Using NGS to investigate novel acclimations and adaptions to elevated atmosphere CO2 in Plantago lanceolata to help explain what the future environment holds for plants.

Implications of drought conditions for microbial soil ecology: a metagenomic approach

Using NGS technology and bioinformatics techniques to better understand the implications of drought for soil microbe communities.  

TSEC-BIOSYS (2006-2009) A whole systems approach to bioenergy demand and supply in the UK - Dormant

UKERC (2004-2009) – The UK Energy Research Centre - Dormant

A global framework for quantifying the ecosystem service impacts of oil and biofuel production - Dormant

The main objective of this 2 year project is to develop a way of comparing the impact on ecosystem services of two very different sources of transport fuel - biofuels and petroleum.

Parallel domestication as a model to understand the repeatability of phenotypic evolution

Are the same genes involved when evolutionary processes occur more than once?

Teaching Responsibilities

Module Co-ordinator

BIOL3056  Global Change Biology: Molecules to Ecosystems


BIOL2007 Plant Development and Function
BIOL3003 Plant Cell Biology


Professional Membership

The Porter Alliance


Professor Gail Taylor
Centre for Biological Sciences Faculty of Natural & Environmental Sciences Life Sciences Building 85 University of Southampton Highfield Campus Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number: 85/6057

Telephone: (023) 8059 2335
Email: G.Taylor@soton.ac.uk