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BRAIN UKWorld’s first national virtual brain bank

BRain Archive Information Network UK, BRAIN UK, is the world’s first national virtual brain bank. It is cataloguing the tissue holdings of the majority of the UK neuropathology centres and making these extensive archives available to the research community for high quality neurological research.

BRAIN UK is a tissue matching service for researchers needing to find tissue from NHS neuropathology archives. We have a rapid application process and once accepted by BRAIN UK, applicants for most studies can be covered by the generic ethics favourable opinion that BRAIN UK has received.  Find out more about us on our pages.  Feel free to contact us about your project's requirements.

BRAIN UK is supported by the British Neuropathological Society
BRAIN UK is supported by the Medical Research Council
BRAIN UK is supported by Charlie's Challenge
BRAIN UK is supported by Brain Tumour Research
BRAIN UK is supported by brainstrust

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