Social Sciences: Social Statistics & Demography

What our students think

Being at university is a very exciting and challenging time of life. As well as living independently away from home, you also have personal responsibility for organising your academic studies. Read on to find out what it's really like to study Social Statistics & Demography at Southampton.

Bernard Baffour, Ghana

Photo of Bernard Baffour
“I was attracted to the University of Southampton because of its highly rated research status.”
Course: PhD in Social Statistics
Year of Graduation: 2009

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Hukum Chandra, India

Photo of Hukum Chandra
“The University of Southampton is a totally new experience for me and has met all my expectations in research, academic and daily life.”
Course: PhD in Social Statistics
Current position: Scientist, India Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
Year of Graduation: 2008

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Rebecca Haslam

Photo of Rebecca Haslam
“The MSc has widened my knowledge considerably and has given me new ideas to apply to my work in DASA.”
Course: MSc Official Statistics
Current position: DASA Statistical Methodology Group

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Gloria Langat, Kenya

Photo of Gloria Langat
“The teaching staff are extremely experienced and have vast knowledge of developing countries.”
Course: PhD in Demography
Year of Graduation: 2007

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Alice Murphy

Photo of Alice Murphy
“The University concourse is great for both studying and socialising.”
Course: BSc Psychology, MSc Demography
Current position: On an NGO work abroad programme
Year of Graduation: 2010

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Emma Nelson

Photo of Emma Nelson
“The opportunity of visiting a lower income country and see how things actually happen is fantastic.”
Course: Population and Geography
Year of Graduation: 2015

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Alinne Veiga, Brazil

Photo of Alinne Veiga
“The University offers great support for its vast community of international students and this includes social and language support.”
Course: MSc Social Statistics, PhD in Social Statistics
Current position: Graduate
Year of Graduation: 2010

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Ben Winkley

Photo of Ben Winkley
“The flexibility of the course helped me fit studying around my work schedule.”
Course: MSc Official Statistics
Current position: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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Victoria Woodcock

Photo of Victoria Woodcock
“My job in central government is to weigh up one argument against the other to come up with the best policy. It’s from skills I learnt whilst studying here that I’ve been able to do that.”
Course: BSc Sociology and Social Policy 2005-2008; MSc in Social Statistics 2009-2010
Current position: Private Secretary to Cabinet Minister, Central Government

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