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Research Group: Dynamics Group

Currently Active: 

The Dynamics Group has a wide range of interests in the modelling, measurement and control of structural vibrations. Our activities cover the whole spectrum, from fundamental theoretical studies, through the development of numerical tools and experimental measurement techniques to specific engineering applications. These applications extend to land, aerospace and marine vehicles and structures, machinery and humans. Links with industry are very strong.

Group Overview

Our laboratories contain an extensive range of equipment for vibration measurement, testing and analysis. We contribute to a number of short courses concerning vibration modelling, measurement and control. 

Research activities:

High-Frequency Vibrations

Railway Noise and Vibration

Active Control and Smart Structures

Dynamic Modelling

Automotive Noise and Vibration.

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Engineering and the Environment
University of Southampton
Highfield Campus
Southampton SO17 1BJ


Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 2291


Postgraduate opportunities

Current opportunities within the ISVR can be located by following this link



Research Staff

Related Projects

Related ProjectsStatusType
Wave motion in beams and stringsActive
Mapping the UnderworldActive
Energy dissipation in non-linear systemsActive
Wave and Finite Element ModellingActive
Algorithms for active vibration control Active
The application of the dynamic stiffness method in determining the response of aerospace structures to acoustic excitation Active
Non-linear vibration absorbersActive
Landmine detection using acoustic waves Active
Active control in piezo-laminate structuresActive
Vibration of turbochargers Active
PC keyboard emitted noise - DormantDormant
Prediction of ultrasonic wave propagation in aircraft structures for crack monitoringActive
Modelling next generation CROR aircraftActive
Virtual certification of acoustic performance for freight and passenger trainsActive
Minimising the environmental impact of advanced aircraft designsActive
Acoustic fatigueActive
A holistic approach for the design and assessment of railway tracksActive
Modelling the dynamic properties of filled rubber using finite elements Active
Sound transmission through inhomogeneous partitions Active
Energy methods and SEA Active
Aerodynamic noise from trainsActive
Mouse control and arm movement co-ordination - DormantDormant
Line sampling Active
Sound radiation from orthotropic plates with curvatureActive
Smart Structures and Active Vibration ControlActive
Railway damping technologiesDormant
Modelling Of Train Induced Vibration (MOTIV)Active
Tyre noise and vibration Active
Applications of Bio-feedback to muscle modelsActive
Energy harvesting from vibration - DormantDormant
Dynamics of laminates, sandwich panels, cylinders and constrained layer treatments using finite element analysis Active
Person recognition from measurements of footfall Active
Passive vibration isolation using nonlinear characteristicsActive
Tuneable vibration absorbersActive
Uncertainty in joints Active
Transport Noise and VibrationActive
Modelling of wheel/rail interaction in the time domainActive
Estimation of structural dynamic parameters at higher frequencies using Bayesian methodsActive
Mid-to-High Frequency Modelling of Vehicle Noise and VibrationActive
Measurement of rotational vibrationActive
Active vibration control using synchrophasing Active
Engine mounting strategiesActive
Characterizing leak noiseActive
Adaptive vibration absorbers Active
Sound transmission in lightweight structuresActive
Ultra Low Frequency Vibration IsolationActive
Biodynamics and BiometricsActive
Efficient dynamics stress calculations for fatigue testing using component mode synthesis Active
Dynamics of automotive suspension systemsActive
Structural Dynamics and VibroacousticsActive
Dielectric Electro-Active Polymers: Vibration Control Application Active
Wheel/rail rolling and impact noise Active
Variability and uncertainty in vibroacousticsActive
Ground-borne vibration from trains Active
Shock propagation Active
Vibration in railway bridgesActive
Adaptive active vibration control in continuous structures Active
Ultrasonic Removal of Surface AccretionsActive
Detection of leaks in buried water-filled pipes Active
Locust Biomechanics modelling Active
Road and soil acoustic characterisation from surface measurementsActive
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