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Dr Marianne O'Doherty 

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Dr Marianne O'Doherty is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Southampton.

I studied for my BA, MA, and PhD at the University of Leeds, completing my doctoral thesis at the Institute for Medieval Studies in 2006. I have taught for the Open University and at Leeds, where I also worked for several years on the annual International Medieval Congress. I joined the University of Southampton in 2007. In 2011, I was awarded an Arts and Humanities Early Career Fellowship to complete a monograph on the representation of the Indies in the later medieval world. In September 2014 my first monograph, The Indies and the Medieval West: Thought, Report, Imagination was awarded a European Society for the Study of English prize for a First Book in the category Cultural Studies in English.







Research interests

My research interests include: medieval forms of spatial representation, with particular reference to travel writing and cartography; contacts between the Latin West and non-Christian cultures in the late Middle Ages; medieval European  literary and imaginative engagements with the wider world, and the Indian Ocean world in particular;  reception studies; medieval books, readers, and reading. 

At present, my research focuses in particular on the widely-diffused and influential late-medieval translation of The Book of Sir John Mandeville known as the Vulgate Latin version.

Forthcoming articles include: ‘Law and lawlessness in late-medieval representations of the Indian Ocean World' in Les Nouveaux Mondes juridiques, dans la littérature et l’histoire (Moyen Âge - XVIIe siècle), ed. by Clotilde Jacquelard et Nicolas Lombart (Paris : Classiques Garnier, forthcoming); ‘Unreliable Eyewitnesses and Credulous Consumers: Pastiche Exotic Travel Narratives in England and Italy' (under review); ‘La convergence entre récit de voyage et géographie: la version latine ‘Vulgate’ du Livre de Jean de Mandeville’, in Voyages et géographie au moyen âge, ed. by Christine Gadrat-Ouerfelli and Damien Coulon, collection Le Temps d’Histoire (Presses Universitaires de Provence, in preparation) and ‘Imperial Fantasies in the ‘Vulgate Latin’ version of The Book of Sir John Mandeville’ (in preparation).

 As well as teaching and researching in English, I am an active member of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture here at Southampton.  I would be pleased to discuss potential research topics with prospective MRes and PhD students wishing to work on texts and topics in any of the above areas.

Research projects

I am currently researching the manuscript and early printing history of the so-called Vulgate Latin version of The Book of Sir John Mandeville - the version edited by Richard Hakluyt in his Principall Navigations of 1589.

In 2012-13 I was a member of the AHRC network 'Remembered Places and Invented Traditions: Thinking about the Holy Land in the Late Medieval West'.

I am also working with the Pelagios project team on the medieval aspects of an AHRC-funded Digital Amplifications project, Pelagios 4: studying the places of our past through the Early Geospatial Documents that refer to them. My contribution to this project will explore the ways in which Pelagios’ digital infrastructure can enhance our understanding of late-medieval maps and travel texts relating to Holy Land pilgrimage.

Forthcoming Publications

O'Doherty, Marianne (2014). ‘Law and lawlessness in late-medieval representations of the Indian Ocean World'. In Jacquelard, Clotilde and Nicolas Lambert (eds) Les Nouveaux Mondes juridiques dans la littérature et l'histoire. Paris, Garnier.

Felicitas Schmieder and Marianne O’Doherty , eds 2015. Travels and Mobilities in the Middle Ages: From the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Turnhout, Brepols.



Book Section(s)

I teach on the first year undergraduate modules Multimedia Old English: Song, Skin and Cyberspace and Literary Transformations. I also co-convene the optional undergraduate module Tales of Travel: Idylls, Utopias, Monsters, and Cannibals, and convene Medieval Literature and Culture (not running 2014-15), and Chaucer and his World. I contribute to the Medieval and Renaissance Culture MA modules From Medieval to Renaissance: Reading the Evidence and Medieval and Renaissance Palaeography and co-convene Jerusalem: City and Symbol.

In 2013 I won the Southampton Centre for Innovation in Technologies and Education award for best Blackboard site.

Dr Marianne O'Doherty
Faculty of Humanities University of Southampton Avenue Campus Highfield Southampton SO17 1BF United Kingdom

Room Number: 65/2005

Telephone: (023) 8059 4534
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