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Research Group: Economy, Governance and Culture

The Economy, Governance and Culture Research Group focuses on the geographical analysis of economic change, innovation and knowledge.

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Group Overview

Garments without guilt?

Garments without guilt?

We have a leading reputation in economic geography and focus on understanding how the interactions between economic, social and political change vary across space. Our research addresses a wide range of related topics including geographies of development and labour, the globalisation of retail and food networks, urban change and political restructuring, and the local dimensions of the social economy.

We explore how economic spaces have been transformed by globalisation and how firms, labour and states are responding to the risks and opportunities of the ‘post-crisis’ economy. Key research topics include: the geography of supply chains and outcomes for human development; food production, regulation and welfare; regional economic evolution and transition; and culture, ethics and consumption. We also investigate geographies of innovation and their connections to venture finance, urban clusters and mobilities.

Our research contributes to understanding how socio-economic practices and networks can be best governed and managed in a range of substantive areas and varied places. We are at the forefront of recent innovations in economic geography and on issues such as the internationalisation of retailing and firm knowledge and learning. The Journal of Economic Geography is co-edited within the group and is currently the most cited journal in human geography.

We lead the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) retail industry business engagement network (RIBEN), which brings facilitates collaboration between leading retail research groups and retail firms. The research network has core funding of £1.45 million and includes Oxford, Leeds and Surrey Universities together with private industry partners.


Selected publications associated with this group from the University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints):


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Book Section

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