Mark Stoyle

Primary position:
Professor of Early Modern History
Other positions:
Internationalisation Officer, Dissertations Semester 1


The University of Southampton

I specialise in early modern British history, with particular research interests in the ‘British crisis' of the 1640s; witchcraft; urban society; and cultural, ethnic and religious identity in Wales and Cornwall between 1450 and 1700.  My most recent book is: ‘The Black Legend of Prince Rupert's Dog: Witchcraft and Propaganda during the English Civil War' (University of Exeter Press, 2011).  I have appeared on many radio and TV programmes, including ‘Who Do You Think You Are?', ‘The Great British Story: A People's History', ‘Inside Out', ‘Making History', ‘Word of Mouth' and ‘The Roots of English'.  In 2012, I received a Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award in recognition of my contribution to education at Southampton.

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The University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints)


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Book Section

Stoyle, Mark (2013) His Majestie's sea service in the western parts: Maritime affairs in Cornwall during the English civil war. In, Payton, Philip, Doe, Helen and Kennerley, Alston (eds.) The Maritime History of Cornwall. Exeter, GB, University of Exeter Press. (In Press).
Stoyle, Mark (2004) Remembering the English civil war. In, Gray, Peter and Oliver, Kendrick (eds.) The Memory of Catastrophe. Manchester, UK, Manchester University Press, 19-30.


Research Interests

My chief research specialism is in the history of the British Civil Wars of the mid-seventeenth century. I have written widely on this theme, and have also published books and articles on witchcraft, on Cornish and Welsh ethnic identity during the Tudor and Stuart periods, on massacre and atrocity during the 1640s, on urban fortification and on the early modern town. I am currently carrying out research into: a) the Western Rising of 1549 (the so-called ‘Prayer Book Rebellion'); and b) the role played by women in the English Civil War.

Teaching Responsibilities

Areas where I can offer postgraduate supervision:

Any area of early modern English and Welsh history between 1450 and 1660, especially on topics relating to the Civil Wars.


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