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The Institute’s founding Director, Professor Rutherford, was an active penal reformer (he was for many years the Chair of the Howard League for Penal Reform), and so the Institute has always maintained an interest in exploring and developing the relationship between criminal justice research and scholarship and policy and practice.

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Katy Sindall

In recent months both the Law School and Social Sciences have recruited new academic staff who have become members of the Institute of Criminal Justice Research.

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  • 2014/07/04

    Developing your research project; free online course to support you

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  • 2014/06/10

    New Web Science Institute to explore how the Web will shape our future

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Critical Issues in Contemporary Penal Policy

The Institute of Criminal Justice Research is proud to present this conference on the topic of ‘Critical Issues in Contemporary Penal Policy’. The day will be divided into three themes for discussion– Imprisonment of Dangerous Offenders, Future of Probation and Youth Justice.

Guest speakers including:

Sir David Calvert-Smith, Nick Hardwick CBE, Crispin Blunt MP, Andrew Bridges CBE, Professor Paul Senior, Paul McDowell, Penelope Gibbs, Frances Crook, Professor Roger Smith, Darren Tierney



'One Idea for Change'

Dr Harry Annison is lead researcher for the Howard League’s ‘One Idea for Change’ project, which forms part of the ‘What is Justice?’ symposium. The One Idea for Change project asks, “If you could change one thing about the criminal justice system, what would it be and why?” People can send their ideas for change to Dr Annison will subsequently be developing publications that will draw out themes and ideas from contributions to the ‘One Idea for Change’ project.

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