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Dr Alisa Stevens

ICJR member and Lecturer in Criminology, Dr Alisa Stevens has completed a two year research project for the Howard League for Penal Reform on 'sex in prisons'.

Former prisoners told Alisa about their knowledge and experiences of consensual sex between men, mostly unprotected and sometimes with men who identified as heterosexual, and of sexual assault and sex traded for material goods.

Alisa's report of the key findings is available at:


Alisa is giving an invited Mannheim Centre seminar about this research, at 18:15 on June 10th.

Venue: New Academic Building 2.04, London School of Economics.


Dr Alisa Stevens

Featured member's new publications

Dr Toby Miles-Johnson

ICJR member and Lecturer in Criminology,Dr Toby Miles-Johnson has recently published the following articles:


Miles-Johnson, T. (2015). Perceptions of Group Value: How Australian transgender people view policing. Policing & Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy. DOI: 10.1080/10439463.2014.996563


Miles-Johnson, T (2015). Policing Transgender People: discretionary police power and the ineffectual aspirations of one Australian police initiative, SAGE Open.

Please see our publications tab for details of Toby's articles currently in press.


Dr Toby Miles-Johnson

ICJR Director's forthcoming book

Professor Jenny Fleming

Professor Jenny Fleming, Co-Director of the ICJR and Professor in Criminology, has a book in press!

Police Leadership – Rising to the Top, Oxford University Press, Oxford (August 2015).


Professor Jenny Fleming

ESRC Seminar series

Markets in Policing - ESRC Seminar Series

Southampton University is partnering Leeds University in the ESRC funded seminar series, 'Markets in Policing'.

Southampton will host a day long seminar entitled Innovations in Income Generation Schemes.

This seminar will focus on the growth of income generation schemes, sponsorship arrangements and charging for police services, including the night-time economy.

Click on the link below for more information about this exciting seminar series.

Markets in Policing - ESRC Seminar Series

Forthcoming ICJR seminars

We are putting together the seminar series for next semester now. Currently we have booked Professor Lisa Miller from Rutgers University, USA. Lisa will be a visiting fellow at Oxford in the autumn and give a talk for the ICJR on the Politics of Criminal Justice on Wednesday 14 October 2015 at 4pm.

Researching Missing People Seminar

Social Justice and Penality seminar, with Professor Carol Hayden, Professor Francis Pakes and Dr Karen Shalev-Greene (ICJS).

17th June: 4:00 – 5:30 pm.

St Andrews Court, 4.09,

University of Portsmouth



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