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The Institute’s founding Director, Professor Rutherford, was an active penal reformer (he was for many years the Chair of the Howard League for Penal Reform), and so the Institute has always maintained an interest in exploring and developing the relationship between criminal justice research and scholarship and policy and practice.

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John Coggon

In recent months both the Law School and Social Sciences have recruited new academic staff who have become members of the Institute of Criminal Justice Research.

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    REF 2014: Social Sciences soar in world-leading research to top 5

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  • 2014/11/24

    Life Long Learning 'Expert Evidence under the Microscope' Study Day 29 November

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‘Guns ‘n razors’ – using narrative to construct accountability about deaths after police contact

Upcoming ICJR seminar series with David Baker, Coventry University.

11 February 2015 - 4:00pm
Building 4, Room 3057

In the period 2004-2013 over 1100 people died after police contact in England and Wales. The paper looks at how narrative structures can affect the type of accountability that is constructed about deaths after police contact.

Expert Evidence Under the Microscope Summary

On Saturday 29th November the Institute of Criminal Justice Research, together with Lifelong Learning hosted a study day, ‘Expert Evidence under the Microscope’. The fundamental aim of Lifelong Learning is to increase public engagement and build closer links between Southampton University and the wider community in Southampton, Hampshire and the South of England. This aim was reflected by the audience that included members of the public as well as research students from the University.

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