Mathematical Sciences

Ilya Shpitser

Primary position:


The University of Southampton
  • BA in Computer Science/Mathematics, UC Berkeley
  • MS in Computer Science, UCLA
  • PhD in Computer Science, UCLA
  • Research Fellow/Associate, Program in Causal Inference, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Lecturer, Southampton University
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Research Interests

Inferring cause effect relationships is the principal aim of the empirical sciences. I am interested in identification and estimation of quantities that correspond to causal relationships of interest in practical data analysis, such as (interventional) causal effects, direct and indirect effects, and effects of treatment on the treated. I am also interested in the limits of causal inference, that is in characterizing cases where causal inference is not possible.

Finally, I am interested in using insights gained in causal analysis for inference and learning in hidden variable statistical models.

Research Projects
  • Longitudinal mediation analysis (identification and inference)
  • Learning and inference in marginal models (nested Markov models)
  • Causal inference and graphical models (causal effects, mediation, effects of treatment on the treated, counterfactuals).

Primary research group:  Statistics


Dr Ilya Shpitser
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