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Professor and ERC Fellow

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Professor Leor Barack is a Professor and ERC Fellow within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.






Research interests

Dr Barack's research covers topics in mathematical and astrophysical Relativity, with a particular focus on the two-body problem in curved spacetime and its implications to gravitational-wave astronomy. He has studied various topics in general-relativistic dynamics and black hole perturbation theory, and is mostly known for his work on the problem of gravitational radiation reaction (or "self force") in astrophysical binaries undergoing radiative decay. His team in Southampton is developing theoretical models that predict the orbital evolution of compact stars as they radiatively inspiral into massive black holes -- a key source of gravitational waves for the planned spaceborne detector LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna).

Research group(s)

Applied Mathematics

Affiliate research group(s)

Relativistic Astrophysics

Research project(s)

Black Holes

General Relativity

Gravitational Waves

  • Director of Service teaching for Mathematics
  • Programme coordinator for Maths with Physics and Maths with Astronomy


Book Section(s)


  • Gravitational self-force: orbital mechanics beyond geodesic motion - Barack, Leor
    100 Years After Einstein in Prague
  • The mock LISA data challenges: from challenge 1B to challenge 3 - Babak, S., Baker, J.G., Benaquista, M.J., Cornish, N.J., Crowder, J., Larson, S.L., Plagnol, E., Porter, E.K., Vallisneri, M., Vecchio, A., Arnaud, K., Barack, L., Blaut, A., Cutler, C., Fairhurst, S., Gair, J., Gong, X., Harry, I., Khurana, D., Krolak, A., Mandel, I., Prix, R., Sathyaparkash, B.S., Savov, P., Shang, Y., Trias, M., Veitch, J., Wang, Y., Wen, L. and Whelan, J.
    12th Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Workshop
Professor Leor Barack
Leor Barack,
Mathematical Sciences,
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ

Phone: +44-23-80595134

Room Number:54/2007

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