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The University of Southampton

I studied French, Italian and Russian at the Universities of Leipzig/Germany, Rouen/France and Pisa/Italy. I spent one year as visiting researcher at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in Toronto/Canada and completed a PhD on French adult literacy in Canada at the University of Frankfurt. I have taught at Frankfurt from 1997-2008 and joined Modern Languages in Southampton as lecturer in French Linguistics in February 2008.

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The University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints)


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Book Section

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Research Interests

Current research projects

For the past five years I have been conducting research on bilingual education (Italian-German) in a primary school in inner Frankfurt. The main focus has been on simultaneous bilingual literacy teaching and learning, collaborative bilingual team-teaching and cross-linguistic and cross-subject curriculum planning.

An online-publication to disseminate findings of that research is in preparation.

I am a member of the research team C.I.E.N. (Comunicación Intercultural Estrategias de Negociación) and Co-Investigator in a Project entitled: "Managing Multilingualism in Institutional Contexts" – [PI: Melissa Moyer (Universitat Autònoma di Barcelona)] – which is funded by the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Spain.

I am also Co-Investigator in a Canadian SSHRC funded project on: "Multiliteracies in an Urban Inuit Community". (PI: Prof. Donna Patrick/Carlton University/Ottawa, in collaboration with the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre), 2009-2012 SSHRC Research Grant, $Can 300k

I am interested in sociolinguistics, multilingualism, literacy and socio-cultural aspects of learning and teaching. In my research I explore issues of language, identity and knowledge construction and the ways in which they are reconfigured in trans-national contexts. I see a particular strength in ethnographic research as it allows one to connect concrete situations of social interaction with broader social processes.

Teaching Responsibilities

My teaching interests include sociolinguistics of French and the francophone world (with a focus on Canada), socio-cultural aspects of literacy, bilingual education and issues of multilingualism, linguistic minorities and youth culture.

Postgraduate Supervision

I would be happy to advise candidates with doctoral research projects in sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, especially (but not necessarily) in relation to French and French Canada. Topics of particular interest to me include:

  • Literacy in multilingual societies
  • Discourses and practices in bilingual/multilingual education
  • Teaching and learning in multilingual trans-national contexts
  • Language and processes of identification
  • Language and identity in youth culture
  • Language ideological debates and language standardisation

Current supervision
I am currently advising two doctoral students:

  • Catherine Blundell (supervisor Patrick Stevenson) “Care giving and receiving across cultures: a linguistic analysis of the relationship between the elderly and their live-in carers in Bologna, Italy.
  • Anne Preston (supervisor Ros Mitchell) “The contribution of interaction to learner motivation in the MFL classroom” (completed in May 2009)


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