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I am an oceanographer who has a broad overview of ocean processes, from oil spills to climate change. I head up the science on the Cape Farewell programme (www.capefarewell.com) and have a strong focus on media and public understanding of the oceans. I have worked on secondment for projects for UNESCO, The EU Research Centre, The World Bank, The British Council and the European Space Agency over the years.

In media I have been involved in over 100 documentaries, both behind and in front of camera and have covered over 1000 news appearances for Radio, television and the press. I work closely with public bodies such and the National Science Museum, the National Maritime Museum, The Royal Institution and the South Bank in promoting science events.

I co-ordiante the departments summer schools for post GCSE and AS level students fro across the country and am involved in writing curriculum material for GCSE and A level science.


The University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints)


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Byfield, V., Fletcher, S., Coward, A.C. and Boxall, S. (2003) The High Arctic/North to Svalbard, London, UK, Cape Farewell/Geographical Association

Book Section

Gommenginger, C.P. and Boxall, S.R. (2006) Long-term microwave radar monitoring of ocean slicks at low grazing angles. In, Gade, M., Huhnerfuss, H. and Korenowski, G.M. (eds.) Marine surface films: chemical characteristics, influence on air-sea interactions and remote sensing. Berlin, Germany, Springer Verlag, 289-298.
Boxall, S. (2006) Journal 14/09/2004. In, Burning ice: art and climate change. London, UK, Cape Farewell, p.27.


Research Interests

Remote sensing techniques in physical oceanography.

Mixing and dispersion processes.

Primary research group:  Physical Oceanography


Chair of the HMS Beagle Project

Board member and lead scientist for Cape Farewell

Senior Tutor, Ocean and Earth Science

Admissions Tutor, Oceanography

Senior Tutor’s steering Group, University of Southampton

Educational correspondent for Oceanography

Teaching Responsibilities

SOES1004 Introductory Physical Oceanography (coordinator)

SOES1010 Quantitative Earth and Ocean Science (co-coordinator)

SOES2025 Methods in Oceanography (lecturer)

SOES2010 Physical Oceanography 2 (lecturer)

SOES3018 Falmouth Field Course (coordinator)


Dr Simon Boxall
Ocean and Earth Science
National Oceanography Centre Southampton
University of Southampton
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United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 (0)2380592744

email: simon.boxall@soton.ac.uk

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