Research Group: Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology

Philosophers at Southampton have published widely on issues in these areas and at their intersection.

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Group Overview

Philosophers at Southampton have written on such topics as semantic normativity, epistemic normativity, scepticism, the nature of belief, epistemic value, self-knowledge, the problem of other minds, rule-following, deflationism, contextualism, meaning holism, and use-theories of meaning.

Research by Southampton staff has appeared in recent years in numerous international journals, including Analysis, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, dialectica, European Journal of Philosophy, Erkenntnis, Logique et Analyse, Mind and Language, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophy Compass, Ratio and Synthese.

We are presently hosting a series of workshop on the theme of ‘Aims and Norms’, investigating the relationship between the norms governing subjects’ beliefs, as well as their actions and feelings, and the aims those subjects have, a project supported by the British Academy.

The Enchantment of Words

Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. By Denis McManus (2006)

The Enchantment of Words


Selected publications associated with this group from the University of Southampton's electronic library (e-prints):


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Book Section

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Research projects

No research projects are currently associated with this group.