Research project: Home based parent training for preschool ADHD

This is a large scale RCT of two parenting programmes in New York, USA.

Currently Active: Yes

Project Overview

The New Forest Parenting Programme was developed in Southampton by Thompson, Laver-Bradbury and Sonuga-Barke and has been shown to be effective at reducing ADHD and associated symptoms in preschoolers. The Helping the Non-compliant Child intervention was developed by Rex Forehand and targets oppositional behaviour rather than ADHD. The trial is currently recruiting and the results expected in two years time.

Project duration: 2007-2011
Co-Investigator: Edmund Sonuga-Barke
PI: Howard Abikoff
Consultant – Margaret Thompson

The project is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).


Members of staff associated with this project: