University of Southampton

The impact of our research

We do everything we can at the University of Southampton to bring the benefits of our research discoveries to everyone.

How we create an impact

Taught by experts

Our world-leading researchers pass on their cutting-edge knowledge to our students

Taught by experts

New breakthroughs in all disciplines have the ability to make our lives better, but many research institutions struggle to make this leap from academic publication to real-life solutions.

At the University of Southampton, it is recognised that our research is at the cutting-edge of innovation. However, we also hold an unprecedented record for getting our research out into the world in real-life applications. We believe it is our responsibility to do all that we can to make sure that our research is helping everyone it can.

Changing practices

We support our researchers in talking to government policy makers to affect positive change

Changing practices

Impact on teaching

Our emphasis on research-led teaching means that our students are taught the latest theories, research and innovations from experts in their field.

Impact on business

Here at Southampton we are incredibly successful at commercialising our research, and working with businesses to help create useful innovations. For example, we make use of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to ensure that we know what issues are affecting modern businesses, and how we can tailor our research to help solve these problems.

Impact on government policy

A great deal of our most important research explores the issues that affect us as a nation and as a planet. In order to put the results of this kind of research into use it is vital to collaborate with government policy makers to create change. Our interdisciplinary research groups, in particular, work on these big issues.

Our impact on the world

It is our ambition as a University to change the world, and the individual impact of each research project brings us a step closer to that goal – especially those which affect government policy and the business world. However, even more fundamentally, we are dedicated to inspiring a culture where everyone takes responsibility for changing the world and making it a better place. Perhaps one of the best examples of this work comes from our work in the semantic web, led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (see below).

Featured projects

Open, linked data for a better future

At Southampton we are trying to set an example of how useful open data can be with our Open Data Service, and we continue to be Open Data Advisors to the government.

For an idea of the potential impact of a web of open, linked data watch this TED talk by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.



Watch videos of just some of our other featured projects