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Reducing the risk of cervical cancer in young women

Encouraging safer sexual behaviour

SHTAC is updating a Cochrane systematic review on behavioural interventions for young women to encourage safer sexual behaviours to reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

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Interventions for chronic inflammatory skin diseases

Skin diseases

SHTAC is conducting a systematic review and economic evaluation of the effectiveness of educational interventions for improving quality of life in patients with chronic inflammatory skin diseases. 

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Latest News

  • 2014/11/19

    SHTAC is assessing biologic drug therapies for the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

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  • 2014/11/04

    New SHTAC publication on the effectiveness of treatment for chronic hepatitis C in children

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Training Services

SHTAC's expertise in evidence synthesis has allowed us to develop training courses in systematic reviews and health economic evaluations.

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SHTAC is involved in research addressing major policy questions on the use of drugs, devices, procedures, screening programmes, health promotion and public health and other interventions.

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