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Welcome to the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI). We are a community of academics from across the University of Southampton, whose interests and research are linked to the marine/maritime realm. By working across the traditional disciplinary divides, we can better address some of today’s global marine & maritime challenges.

The SMMI constitutes world class, authoritative, independent expertise, spanning both the marine and maritime sectors. We foster new research collaborations, educate the next generation of maritime leaders, and generate knowledge and intelligence for businesses of all sizes, government at all scales and organisations of all kinds. Alone and with partners we create new technologies and innovations to stimulate economic growth and improve quality of life and the environment.


How SMMI can help you

We not only have the specialist technology but we offer a match-making service for the marine and maritime industry.

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  • 24 October 2016

    Maritime archaeology expedition in Black S...

    An expedition mapping submerged ancient landscapes, the first of it...

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    Scientists find link between tropical stor...

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    Jellyfish help scientists to fight food fr...

    Animals feeding at sea inherit a chemical record reflecting the are...

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