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Professor Damon Teagle 

Professor, Director of Research

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Professor Damon Teagle is Professor within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

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Research interests

Specialism: Geochemistry and mineralization

  • Formation and evolution of the ocean crust
  • Ocean floor hydrothermal systems
  • Global geochemical cycles
  • Analytical geochemistry
  • Modern analogs of ancient mineralization

Research group(s)


Research project(s)

Fluid flow associated with the Alpine Fault, South Island, New Zealand

Deep Fault Drilling: a journey through an active plate boundary

Mission MoHole, A Journey into the Mantle.

Mountains Metamorphism and Element Mobility

Superfast spread crust, deep drilling at IODP Site 1256

The nature and extent of seafloor basement weathering within the South Pacific Gyre

Geological storage of CO2 into oceanic crust

Understanding changes in Cenozoic carbonate chemistry

Calcium carbonate veins as recorders of past ocean chemistry

Ridge flank hydrothermal circulation: Juan de Fuca Ridge Flank

The Potential Health Effects of Transition Metals in Particulate Air Pollution

Oman Drilling Project



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Professor Damon Teagle
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute University of Southampton Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus Southampton SO16 7QF

Room Number:NOCS/186/08

Telephone:(023) 8059 2723
Facsimile:(023) 8059 3059

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