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We use advanced facilities to perform the precise and accurate analysis of the chemical and isotopic composition of Earth materials.


Our main contributions include:

  • ultra-low level trace element and isotope analysis
  • radiogenic isotope geochemistry and geochronology
  • environmental radiochemistry
  • speciation and reaction modelling
  • analytical technique development and refinement

Our specific research themes are:

  • past to future climate change: we reconstruct past climates using novel isotopic and geochemical methods (for example, boron isotopes) to better understand the climate system and improve the prediction of our future warmth
  • environmental geochemistry and radioactivity: we examine our impact on the environment and its impact on humans
  • volcanic and magmatic processes: we investigate the processes occurring during magma production and crustal development
  • critical elements and metal deposits: we exploit novel techniques to find new sources of, and understand the processes involved in the formation of, deposits of metals and elements critical for emerging “green” technologies
  • carbon dioxide removal and storage: we research carbon capture and storage in geological reservoirs and greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere to mitigate anthropogenic climate change

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Our people

My research is primarily concerned with using novel isotopic techniques to better understand the impact of anthropogenic climate and environment change on the Earth System.
Professor of Isotope Geochemistry
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