We are connected

We’re connecting with businesses to create solutions to global issues through world-leading research and enterprise activities. We’re working with worldwide partners to offer relevant, flexible education, which trains students for jobs not even thought of. University of Southampton – making connections to change the world.

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Mapping our connections

Take a look at our interactive map showing our connections far and wide.

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Diagnosing killer diseases

Find out how we’re using gold to detect abnormalities that could lead to tumour growth.

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Using mobile phones to tackle malaria

Find out how we’re using mobile phones to help to eradicate Malaria.

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Reducing aircraft noise

Find out how we’re giving the UK the edge against the EU’s noise reduction targets.

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Enjoying music again

Find out how we’re helping profoundly deaf people experience the beauty of music.

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Bubble science

Find out how we’re drawing inspiration from the way dolphins hunt to detect roadside bombs.

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Copper takes on superbugs

Find out how we’re eliminating the spread of infections using the change in your pocket.

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Harnessing the immune system

Find out how we’re reprogramming our immune systems to detect and eliminate tumours.

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Uncharted waters

Find out how we are discovering new deep-sea species and untouched resources.

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Connecting the planet

Find out how the global internet relies on our innovative developments in Fibre optics.

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Impact of population change

Find out the impact of migration, maternal health and poverty on future health care services.

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Uncovering the past

Find out how we’re bringing the maritime port of Imperial Rome to life.

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Re-education after stroke

Find out how we’re providing innovative ways to reduce the burden of stroke on the NHS.

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