Contract Lengths

The University offers two main contract periods to cater for the majority of courses studied by our students. The 38 and 40 week standard contracts are most commonly suitable for undergraduate students. The 51 week long contracts run until September and are only usually required by postgraduate students.

Occasionally, undergraduate students find that their courses can run on beyond 1st July. In cases like this we advise to opt for the 40 week contract and arrange Out of Term Residence (OTR) with the Residences team for longer stays.

Contract lengths for academic year 2015/2016

A short contract will continue to be offered in some halls, which starts on the 19th September 2015, but ends earlier than the standard contract on the 12th June 2016.

In some Halls we will continue to offer a 36 week contract, known as standard contract excluding Easter, which runs until 1st July but excludes the Easter vacation period. This means that students with this contract need to move out of their room over Easter, before returning to Hall once the vacation has ended.

Not every contract length is offered in every Hall.

What period does each contract cover?

2015/2016 Academic Session:

Contract Name Duration Period
Standard 36 Week 257 nights 19th September 2015 to 1st July 2016
Standard contract 38 Week 266 nights 19th September 2015 to 11th June 2016
Standard contract 40 Week 286 nights 21st September 2015 to 1st July 2016
Standard contract (Liberty Living) 283 nights 19th September 2015 to 1st July 2016
Long contract 357 nights 19th September 2015 to 10th September 2016