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Postgraduate demography

It is statisticians who provide the data, analyses and inferences upon which decisions are made

Life is full of uncertainty. Decision-making, whether in the context of a commercial venture, medical practice or forming social policy, is inherently risky. To reduce the risk of making the wrong decision we need information and hard evidence.

Professional statisticians need a high degree of technical sophistication, which can only be gained through postgraduate study. In addition, they need to be able to listen to the needs of clients and to communicate their findings to the user community. These skills are also developed within our postgraduate programmes.

Since the Division of Social Statistics was founded in 1975, we have been at the forefront of international research on methodology for the design and analysis of sample surveys. Today, we are a leading international centre for research in social statistics.

Funding opportunities

We have been recognised by the ESRC as an outlet for the receipt of its research training studentships. We are therefore able to offer financial support to well-qualified UK/EU candidates.

Broad range of research areas

Our research covers: demographic estimation and statistical modelling; the family, life course and ageing; historical demography; HIV/AIDS; reproductive and child health in the developing world; poverty and living standards in both rich and poor countries.

Studying as part of our community

Working towards a PhD can be challenging, but joining our friendly community of PhD students offers a supportive and inspirational environment.

Working with the best

You will be studying alongside internationally respected academics across all our research areas.

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