Engineering and the Environment

Research assessment

In the latest UK research assessment exercise (RAE) in 2008 Engineering and the Environment scored highly for our range and quality of research. Our research was submitted through two units of assessment (UoA).

Our Engineering Sciences disciplines, together with the Institute of Sound and Vibration research, were entered in Unit 28 of the assessment.  They were listed 2nd nationally in the RAE 2008 Analysis Power Rankings by Research Fortnight for UoA 28 Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Our remaining research was submitted under UoA 27 Civil Engineering, we achieved a GPA of 3.05 placing us  3rd nationally in the power rankings. 

The RAE was conducted jointly by the Higher Education Funding Council for England and its counterparts in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Based on research activity evidence submitted by participating institutions, the funding bodies produced individual quality profiles which in turn influenced the research funding available.

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