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Success through synergy. Collaborative education and research

Our academic units - Cancer Sciences; Clinical and Experimental Sciences; Human Development and Health; Primary Care and Population Sciences; and Medical Education - are each directed by leading academics who work together to deliver the Faculty's education and research strategies both within and across the units. 

The Academic Unit of Medical Education is a distinctive and circumscribed unit that oversees the broad-based and vocational Bachelor of Medicine (BM) programmes. The BM programmes span academic units in the Faculty and have links to the wider University and NHS. Whilst colleagues in all academic units engage in the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate education, the design and organisation of education programmes at Faculty level is co-ordinated by the Medical Education Academic Unit.

Interdisciplinary themes

At Southampton the Faculty of Medicine leads the international research community in a range of major interdisciplinary research themes.

Innovative research

Our focused research strategy, covering the spectrum from basic science to clinical innovation, with an emphasis on translating new discoveries into healthcare practice.

“We are the leading centre in the world researching how human development affects risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, bone and joint disease, cognitive decline and frailty in the elderly, and how these diseases can be prevented by interventions in early life.”

Professor Mark Hanson, Head of Human Development and HealthOur BM programmes
  • Our programmes provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum to enable students develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge that they will need as a newly qualified doctor. We have four Bachelor of Medicine programmes. BM5 is the standard five-year programme, a four-year BM4 programme for those who already have a degree or a BM6 six-year programme designed to widen access to medicine for those able to meet our eligibility criteria. We also run a five-year European programme, the BM(EU), in partnership with a German healthcare provider. 

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