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The University of Southampton
IBD Southampton research study

Our research

We've been researching inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) for many decades. We began the genetics study in 2010 and have since expanded to include research into gut bacteria, the immune system and diet. In the long run we aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment and long-term care for patients with IBD.

DNA helices


We investigate the specific changes in your genes that cause your IBD, using a technique called next generation sequencing.

Colourful gut bacteria


We study the role your microbiome - the 'good' and 'bad' bacteria naturally found in your gut - plays in your IBD.

Cells under microscope


In IBD, the immune system is overactivated, making the gut sore and inflamed. We're investigating why this happens.

Fruit and veg


We're interested in the effect of your diet, and how changing what you eat could reduce the severity of your symptoms.

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