Repairs and maintenance

If you have an urgent maintenance issue (eg. immediate danger) you should report this to your Hall’s Reception. You can report this fault either by calling 25777 from your internal phone or visiting your specific Halls Reception in person.

If the issue is not urgent, you should report the problem yourself using the University’s Planon Self Service reporting system. The benefits of using this system are that it is easy to use, it allows you to track your maintenance requests and you are sent email updates relating to your request.

When you report a maintenance issue you will be asked to give permission for your room to be entered without us giving you seven days notice. You can ask to be given notice or to be present when the repair is carried out, but this may lead to delay in resolving the issue. If you give permission for your room to be entered for the repair to be carried out, a card will always be left in your room to let you know someone has entered your room and why they entered.

Using Planon, our online system for logging maintenance requests

If you have non-emergency maintenance needs in your room then it can be logged on the Planon Self Service system. You can access Planon through