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Audiology is taught at The Hearing and Balance Centre within The Institute of Sound and Vibration Research

The programmes and courses in audiology are hosted by the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (ISVR). ISVR is an academic school within the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment in the University of Southampton.

We are a mixed bunch from a variety of backgrounds. Our audiology teaching team alone includes clinical audiologists, clinical scientists, research scientists, teachers of the deaf, speech and language therapists, cochlear implant audiologists and an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon. Many of the teaching staff are national or international experts in their fields.

Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (ISVR)

As an audiology student at the University of Southampton, you will be part of the ISVR. The Institute was founded in 1963 and is world renowned for its contributions to acoustics, audiology and biomedical engineering, among other areas.

Our research was given a 5* (i.e. the highest rating) rating the the 2001 assessment. The manner in which the results are presented for the RAE 2008 is more complex, although we appear to be considered to be at a similar position. Staff of ISVR also provide advice to UK and EU government and regulatory bodies.

Our interests are diverse and extensive, and include:

  • Understanding hearing and balance systems
  • Improving the benefits from hearing technology, especially cochlear implants
  • "Virtual" acoustics, such as fancy HIFI systems
  • Reducing noise pollution, such as from planes and trains
  • Stimulating nerves electrically in people with spinal cord injuries
  • Understanding biological sonar systems (e.g. bats and dolphins) and bio-inspired applications
  • Ultrasonics and underwater acoustics
  • Reducing travel sickness

In 2005, we were awarded the Queen's Anniversary Trust Prize for:

"contributing fundamentally to our understanding of sound and the resulting engineering innovations have had a profound impact on our quality of life"

"improving the quality of life for the profoundly deaf"

We have approximately 150 undergraduate students (audiology and acoustics), 60 Master's students and 80 PhD students, who help to make ISVR a dynamic and stimulating place to study. ISVR have an international reputation for research training. Projects are funded by a range of UK and EU research councils, governments throughout the world and the UK National Health Service, to name but a few. Research projects are often cross-disciplinary and multi-centre.


Dr Daniel Rowan


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“My team is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with sensory impairments”

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Meet our students

Conor Boland

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“Southampton is generally regarded as the best for audiology. Aspects of my degree have been essential in everything I do, from looking at the anatomy of patients to treatments.”

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