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The Management School offers a wide range of part-time postgraduate programmes. They will all provide you with the knowledge and skills required in today's dynamic and changing business environment. You will be taught by some of the country's top researchers, giving you access to the latest knowledge and findings.

Full-time MBA

The full-time programme is designed for graduates who have at least four years, but probably more, of relevant work experience since graduation and who now wish to pursue a challenging programme of study to develop their managerial potential.

Part-time MBA

The part-time programme is for those who have at least five years' managerial experience. It attracts a larger number of participants from across central southern England, who represent public and private sectors, manufacturing, financial and service sectors reflecting the broad economic base of the area.

PG Cert Business Administration

The Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration provides an open entry route to our MBA for those managers who do not have a first degree, or wish to undertake a postgraduate course in management without initially committing to the complete MBA programme.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is equivalent to a PhD, with some distinct differences. Unlike a PhD which addresses a purely academic question, the research you will engage in will deal with high level strategic business issues and problems. Your research will be conducted from within the organisation of your choice and applied there.

Executive MSc Organisation Development and Facilitation

This programme offers the opportunity to reflect on and develop an understanding of different approaches to managing organisational change. The programme integrates wide ranging and leading edge approaches to understanding and managing change processes at multiple levels within organisations including organisation development, appreciative inquiry, strategic planning and facilitation models.

MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences (part-time)

Management Science (MS), also known as Operational Research (OR), involves applying a wide variety of methods and approaches in order to tackle business related issues. This programme offers an introduction to the MS/OR methods, models and techniques for dealing with problems in managed organisations.

MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management (part-time)

This MSc introduces students to the effective analysis, design, delivery and use of knowledge and information technology in organisations and society.

MSc Corporate Risk & Security Management (part-time)

This programme focuses on Corporate Risk & Security as a key development in management studies. The emphasis of the programme is on the qualitative rather than quantitative approach to risk.

MSc Risk Management (part-time)

This programme is designed to support the growing range of risk management professions and is concerned directly with the transfer and integration of ideas and best practice across different areas of application.


    “It opens your eyes to other ways of looking at things. Because it is a generalist qualification you get to study things you wouldn't cover in your normal day-to-day work, which really helps to make it transferable. ”

    David O'Connor, Business Delivery Manager, part-time MBA graduate

    Key facts

    • Part-time study on our MSc programmes involves attending the School for six half days per month during term time between October and May.

    • Students are normally expected to complete a part-time programme in two years.

    “Supported by academic specialists, students tackle complex business and technological matters, gain internationally recognised qualifications and develop leadership skills to prepare for the future. ”

    Professor Douglas Macbeth, Director of Business Development at the School of Management

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