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Money matters

Here you can find out about our fees, plus loans and other financial support that might be available to you.

When planning your finances, you will also need to consider other expenses such as living costs, accommodation fees and study materials. Our tuition fees and support section offers further information. Details of additional costs specific to your course can be found on the relevant course page.


Click here for details of full time fees

Fees sponsorship

If you have a sponsor who will be paying all or part of your tuition fees, use the fees sponsorship form to notify the Student Fees office. Download the fees sponsorship form (PDF).

For more information on fees, contact:

Student Fees
Tel: +44 (0) 23 8059 9599
Fax: +44 (0) 23 8059 9595

Find out more about how and when to pay your tuition fees

Student loans

What will it cost?

  • You will not have to pay your fees upfront. If you live in England*, you can get a loan to cover your tuition fees. You will only start repaying this once you are earning over £21,000 per year.
  • The standard annual fee for UK/EU students commencing full time undergraduate degrees (including Foundation Year courses) in 2015-16 will remain at £9,000.
  • The tuition fee will cover compulsory course costs, such as field trips and laboratory clothing.

Do these tuition fees apply to me?

  • The tuition fees on this page apply to students from the UK and European Union. If you live outside of these areas, you will be charged international tuition fees. If you are not sure which fees you should be paying, you should check your fees status.
  • The standard £9,000 fee will apply to all courses including our foundation year courses, all years of study on Bachelor of Medicine courses (based on the arrangements for 2013/14 Years 5 and 6 will be covered by a bursary from the NHS) and our four year integrated masters courses.
  • For students studying on courses that require a compulsory ‘year abroad' we will charge a reduced fee of £3,000 for the year abroad. Students will be eligible for a fee waiver in proportion to their fee if they meet the criteria for the fee waiver.

What else should I know?

  • Your tuition fees will usually cover compulsory course costs, such as field trips and laboratory clothing**.
  • At 13.9 to 1, our student-staff ratio is already exceptional. We're investing heavily to improve this further - making sure you get maximum contact time with top quality academic staff
  • Real-world skills and excellent career prospects are at the core of every Southampton degree. We're enhancing our careers activities with a particular focus on work placements

The University will continue its package of financial support for 2016 and beyond

Find out more

* If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you will receive financial support for university from the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly Government or the Northern Ireland Executive (as appropriate). If you live in the EU and meet certain eligibility criteria, you can get a loan to cover the cost of your tuition fees.

** A contribution may be necessary towards certain elements - please check with your programme coordinator.


For 2016 and beyond, the University will continue its generous package of direct student support, with a wider choice of support options available to students.

You will be able to choose between a bursary, partial fee waiver or a combination of both. This choice will be available in each year of study for which you are eligible for support.

Are you eligible?

In 2015/2016, if you are:

  • paying £9,000 tuition fees,
  • applying for a means-tested student loan from Student Finance (England, Wales or Northern Ireland) and
  • under the assessed household income threshold of £30,000,

you could be eligible for a means tested award of up to £3,000 from the University. If you are not applying for a means-tested student loan from Student Finance (England, Wales, or Northern Ireland), or if your course is paid for by the NHS, you will NOT be eligible for this award.

The options

  • Option A: all of the award is to be granted as a fee waiver (a reduction to your tuition fees)
  • Option B: 50% is granted as a fee waiver, 50% paid as a cash bursary
  • Option C: all of the award is to be paid as a cash bursary* (cash payments direct to your bank account)

You will be asked to make your choice during the enrolment process. If you don't make a choice, the default will be option A.

Note that the choice you make during your enrolment is FINAL, and cannot be changed during 2015/16.

How much will you get?

  • If you are eligible to receive an award and your household income is below £16,000, you will receive a total award of £3,000.
  • If you are eligible to receive an award and your household income is between £16,001 and £25,000, you will receive a total award of £2,000.
  • If you are eligible to receive an award and your household income is between £25,001 and £30,000 you will receive a total award of £1,000.

Please note: For Options B and C, students in their first year of study whose household income is lower than £25,000 will only receive £1,000 as a bursary and £2,000 as a partial fee waiver.

This is a restriction imposed by the government on the National Scholarship Programme. After the first year, all options will be available in full.

Other support

Access to Southampton bursaries
In 2012/13 we introduced 300 bursaries of £1,000 each in year of entry for students with household income below £25,000 who are either resident in Hampshire/Isle of Wight and/or progress to the University via our Access to Southampton programme.

For 2014/15 we provided approximately 300 bursaries, allowing us to provide focused support for students in the greatest financial need.

These bursaries are separate from those available as part of the fee waiver package.


If you have any questions about fee waivers, bursaries or other student support, please contact our Student Services Centre before you enrol.

Tel: 02380 599 599


Students applying for 2016 entry

Southampton International Merit Scholarships

The University of Southampton is pleased to be able to offer Merit Scholarships to International (non-EU) students entering undergraduate degree programmes for 2016 entry.

The Southampton International Merit Scholarship is available to International (non-EU) undergraduate applicants awarding £1,000 for each A (A Level), 6 (IB Higher level) or equivalent grade attained.

These Scholarships will be in the form of a tuition fee reduction. A maximum of £3,000 will be awarded in year 1 only.



Depending on your personal circumstances (eg your household income), you may be eligible for:

  • A non-repayable Maintenance Grant or Special Support Grant
  • One of our bursaries or scholarships
  • Additional help is also available if you have:
    • a disability or specific learning difficulty
    • dependent children or adults
  • If you find yourself in financial hardship during your time at university, you may be able to obtain extra financial support for your course from the Access to Learning Fund.

Access to Learning Fund

This Fund provides discretionary financial support for those able to demonstrate genuine financial hardship. It can be used to help with living costs including childcare, disability, travel, accommodation, household expenses, books and course equipment. Full-time ‘home' undergraduate students and part-time students studying at least 50 per cent of a full-time course can apply.

If you fall within one of the following groups you will be a priority for help from the Access to Learning Fund:

  1. students with children, especially lone parents
  2. mature students, especially those with existing financial commitments
  3. disabled students, especially where the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) is unable to meet particular costs and the institution has no legal responsibility to do so
  4. care leavers
  5. students from the Foyer Federation or who are homeless
  6. final-year students

The Access to Learning Fund cannot help students meet the cost of tuition fees, or help those who have mismanaged their finances and simply run out of money. It cannot compensate for the lack of parental contribution, especially where a student has only been able to take the non-means-tested element of the Student Loan. More details on the Access to Learning Fund

Find out more

For more information on student finance including loans, grants, extra help, eligibility and repayments, visit

If you live outside England, you will find relevant information on your local student finance website.

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