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The University of Southampton

Undergraduate bursaries

Undergraduate Home UK students commencing their studies from September 2021, paying the full £9,250 Tuition fees and have a household income of under £30,000, will be eligible for a bursary (cash payment into your bank account). If you are a UK student not applying for a means-tested student loan from Student Finance (England, Wales or Northern Ireland), or if your course if paid for the NHS, either in full or in part, for example years 2-4 BM4, you will NOT be eligible for this award.

SAAS (Student awards agency for Scotland) funded students who have a household income of Under £30,000 will be eligible for a Bursary (cash payment into your bank account)

Students who meet the household income criteria who are undertaking either a full or half year of study abroad will be eligible for the Bursary. Students undertaking a work placement will be ineligible for the Bursary.

Students who are undertaking a Postgraduate course that is statutory funded will not be eligible for the Bursary.

If you are a continuing student you will be assessed and awarded in accordance with the previous bursary regulations.

The Bursary will be available in each year of study for which you are eligible for support.

The University will calculate (based on your household income data as supplied by SFE) and process the Bursary you may be eligible to receive, once your household income has been fully assessed and verified by SFE. If you are facing delays in having your Household Income assessed, you will need to let us know by 30 May 2022 or we will be unable to consider any applications past this point. Please note that the Bursary can only be received in the current academic year and cannot be applied retrospectively.'

If you are eligible to receive the bursary this will be applied automatically. You do not need to inform the university.

You will be notified of any support you may be entitled to receive by letter, which will be sent to the address registered with Student Finance. You will not be notified until September/October 2021 at the earliest.

Annual household incomeStudent Support Package
£16000 or less £2000
£16001 to £30000 £1000

Your household income can be adjusted by Student Finance at any time if they feel there has been a change in your circumstances.  If a re-assessment is completed, this may mean you become ineligible for the Bursary or your entitlement is reduced. If a re-assessment is carried out Student Finance will send you a letter confirming this, which will be sent to the address SFE have registered with you. Please therefore ensure your address with SFE is kept up to date to ensure all communications reach you in good time.

Any financial support you may be entitled to will be paid in three instalments:

If you are returning from a period of suspension, you may be eligible to receive the University of Southampton Bursary.  For further information regarding this, please contact the Student Services centre by email at:

If you are an EU student who receives a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England and believe your Household Income means you meet the threshold for the Bursary, you will need to complete a EU21B form and send it to Student Finance. The form is attached at the bottom of the page. Please note that this Household Income will need to have been assessed by 30 May 2022 or you will be unable to receive a Bursary for the 21/22 academic year if entitled.

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