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Check if you'll pay international fees

In the UK, international students pay different tuition fees to students from the UK or European Union (EU). Your fee status determines how much you'll pay. It's decided based on your nationality and where you live.

International students

You’re usually considered an international student if you've not lived in the UK or EU for the last 3 years.

UK/EU students

You’re usually considered a UK/EU student if:

Changes for the 2021 to 2022 academic year

From September 2021, students from the EU will pay international fees. They will not be able to get loans or financial help from the UK government.


Your situation might be different from what’s described here. The UK Council for International Student Affairs provides more information on determining your fee status.

Assessing your fee status

We'll assess your fee status when you apply. We use government guidance and the information you provide to make a decision on how much you'll pay.

We'll usually let you know your fee status in your offer letter. Sometimes we might ask you for more information to help us make the right decision.

Questions and queries

You can contact the Student Services Centre or the Students' Union if you have any questions about fees or funding.

Student Services Centre

Students' Union

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