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The University of Southampton

Westinghouse prize awarded to Southampton researchers

Published: 5 August 2011Origin: Engineering

The Institute of Metal Finishing have awarded the Westinghouse Prize to researchers from the University of Southampton.

The prize, Sponsored by Riley Industries Ltd, is awarded annually for the paper that has shown the most valuable development in the science and practice of electrochemistry in general and electro deposition in particular, published in the Institute Transactions.

Ravi Tangirala, Dr John Low, Dr Carlos Ponce-de-León, and Professor Frank Walsh received the prize for their paper: Copper deposition at segmented, reticulated vitreous carbon cathode in hull cell, published in the Transactions 88(2) (2010), 84-92.

This is the third time that Southampton researchers have won this significant award, which has been granted to some well-known, international scientists and engineers in surface finishing and coatings technology.

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